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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

September 2019

Year 4 Curriculum Letter

Today (03.10.19) we spent the morning at Wodson Sports Centre, Ware.  The children enjoyed trying out different sports: orienteering, frisbee, cheerleading and archery!  They received some great coaching from the Hertford and Ware Sports Partnership.  Enjoy the pics.

Today (26.09.19) we visited Verulamium Museum in St. Albans.  We enjoyed a 'Market' workshop learning about many different Roman objects.  Did you know that the Romans used oil to wash themselves with!  They also created underfloor heating.  We were able to see this at The Hypocaust.

We've had a great day (19.09.19) spending a lot of it outside.  Please do click on the history link to see photos of us being history detectives.  In English we took on the persona of different gods.  It was great fun inferring from information read in class what the persona of different Roman gods could have been like.  Have a look at the pictures below.

Becoming a Roman god

We played a great game in maths today (19.09.19) called 'push penny'.  Using counters and a printed sheet (see below) we had to see who could make the biggest number.

Push penny document


During the first two days we used 270 balloons and 4kg of rice to make juggling balls - three per child.  Mr Chandler has set us a challenge - to become 'expert' jugglers by the end of the year!


For some tips and advice click on this link juggling.


How to make a juggling ball