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Today (12.02.2020) the children started using Times Tables Rock Stars.  This is an online activity that allows them to practise their times tables.  For more information about it looked under the 'Maths' section in 'Our Learning'.

Y4 Spring Curriculum Letter

Today (10.02.2020) we had a lot of fun weighing a range of objects.  We had to weigh them in grams and then convert the mass to kilograms.  If you look under 'Maths' in 'Our Learning' there's a really helpful conversion sheet for units of measurement.
This week (3-7 February 2020) is National Storytelling Week.  Throughout the week we've enjoyed a range of different activities that Mrs Eckland has organised.  At the end of each day we have had a different adult come in to read us a story - we've really enjoyed this.  This morning (05.02.20)  we visited Reception and read stories to them - it was great fun!
Find out about what we'll be doing by reading this term's curriculum letter.
On Monday (27.01.20) we travelled to Wodson Park to take part in the Y4 Sportshall Festival.  Many Year 4 classes from different schools were present.  The children were led in a variety of sporting activities by young sports leaders.  Activities included speed stacking, shot put, speed bounce and push pass relay.  The children had a great time!  Enjoy the pics!
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Today (23.01.20) has been a day of chocolate!  In maths Mr Chandler helped us understand tenths by dividing a 1 whole Mars Bar into tenths!  The lesson went on to look at how to represent sums such as '3 ÷ 10' as decimals (0.3) and as fractions (3/10).  Needless to say we all enjoyed a tenth of a Mars Bar!



In the afternoon we investigated the temperature that chocolate turns from a solid to a liquid.  Fortunately, there was enough of the chocolate bar for us all to have some.  Click on the 'Science' page below to have a look at the pics.



Learning in 2020 is truly underway in Year 4.  We've had a great start to the Spring term.  Investigating how much carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks was a lot fun.  See pics below.  For more information on solids, liquids and gases go to the science tab under 'Our Learning'.

Year 4 Curriculum Letter

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We're rapidly coming to the end of the Autumn term.  It's been a fantastic term with so much accomplished.  In my search for half decent 'Christmas Cracker' jokes I came across this website.  There's some good jokes and lots of other Christmas related activities.  I enjoyed looking through the 'Christmas Traditions and Customs' page.  Now I know what a 'Jesse Tree' is ...


Christmas Jokes (



It was great to welcome a good number of parents to this morning's (04.12.19) curriculum meeting.  We mainly focused on the times tables and how to prepare for the MTC (Multiplication Tables Check); the new statutory Y4 times table check.  Below is the presentation I worked through.  I did give out a number of resources.  If you would like these please do ask.

Children from Y4 are helping to keep the school site free from litter!


Picture 1
Today (21.11.19) we had fun in science making switches.  Mr Chandler gave us some different objects (card, paper clips, split pins, safety pins) and we had to make a switch.  One of us was able to do this before Mr Chandler gave us some help.  We made different types of switches and some of us included two switches in our circuits.  Click on science link below to see photos of our lesson.

It's been a busy day (15.11.19).  We kicked started the day with a morning workout - Joe Wicks's 'Big Morning Moves'.  This was followed by a session learning all about Children in Need.  The children then carried on being physical by heading outside for a tag rugby session.  After lunch we had a guided reading session based around Children in Need and then learnt about Puja (Hindu worship).  The following BBC Bitesize website has some helpful information about Puja.


Puja - a form of Hindu worship


We also learnt where Hindu's worship takes place.  Whilst designing our own shrines we took it in turns to create a wood effect for the front of a 'shoe-box' wardrobes.  Isabelle's was so realistic it looked exactly like the wooden table we have in our classroom!  Have a look at the pics below ...




This week is anti-bullying week (Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November).  We spent this afternoon (13.11.19) finding out exactly what bullying is and the different forms it can take.  We looked at some resources produced by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and explored their theme: Change Starts With Us.



This short video has lots of create ideas that we can all do to make our school an even better school?


Change Starts With Us


Here are some other useful links:

Anti-bullying week (CBBC)

Bars & Melody's Britain's Got Talent anti-bullying song (YouTube)

Why People Bully (CBBC)

Change Starts With Us hearts

Life as a Roman soldier


These websites have lots of useful information.  You'll find this useful when we come to create our fact sheets about Roman soldiers.  Have a look:


Weapons (Primary Homework Help)

Equipment (Primary Homework Help)

Shield (Primary Homework Help)

Roman army training (Primary Homework Help)

Formations (Primary Homework Help)

Roman army facts (DK)

What was life like in the Roman army? (BBC)

The Roman army (Primary Homework Help)

Life as a Roman soldier (YouTube)


Lest we forget

Picture 1

On Thursday 7th November 2019 we enjoyed spending the afternoon constructing simple electrical circuits and learning how to draw precise circuit diagrams.  Here are a few websites that are worth a look:



Today, (25.10.19) we enjoyed answering questions we wrote about Ben's albino pumpkin.  We found out it had a circumference of 98cm.  When Mr Chandler tried to weigh it on his scales it was too heavy.  Fortunately, we worked out another way to measure its weight - see pictures.  Ben also came up with the idea of weighing half of the pumpkin and then doubling it - great thinking!  We actually weighed a quarter of it and multiplied this by 4 - 4 x 2.494kg = 9.976, almost 10kg!  Pumpkins take on average 120 days to grow.  To make a pumpkin grow really big you need to remove all the side stems and feed it!  Ben must have green fingers!  Some of the children counted 48 seeds in 1/8 of the pumpkin.  Roughly, how many seedsis that in total?




Today (23.10.19) we enjoyed a wide range of activities inspired from our class story book - The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.  We had great fun cooking scones - the same recipe Mr Tumnus used when Lucy had tea with him.  The children produced 'Wanted' posters on behalf of the White Witch for Sons of Adams or Daughters of Eve.  Throughout the day the children took it in turns to colour in a huge picture of Aslan and painted black plant pots ready to be planted with spring bulbs.  In Narnia, it's always winter never Christmas ... until Aslan shows up!  The children also made their own paint brushes from 'Narnia' fir trees and painted their own fir trees with them!  What a day!

Today (14.10.19), we looked at the use of apostrophes in contractions and with possession in particular with singular proper nouns, e.g.  'Ben's pumpkin has been stolen!'  Have a look at this website for more information about the use of apostrophes.  How to use possessive apostrophes
Today (03.10.19) we spent the morning at Wodson Sports Centre, Ware.  The children enjoyed trying out different sports: orienteering, frisbee, cheerleading and archery!  They received some great coaching from the Hertford and Ware Sports Partnership.  Enjoy the pics.

Today (26.09.19) we visited Verulamium Museum in St. Albans.  We enjoyed a 'Market' workshop learning about many different Roman objects.  Did you know that the Romans used oil to wash themselves with!  They also created underfloor heating.  We were able to see this at The Hypocaust.

We've had a great day (19.09.19) spending a lot of it outside.  Please do click on the history link to see photos of us being history detectives.  In English we took on the persona of different gods.  It was great fun inferring from information read in class what the persona of different Roman gods could have been like.  Have a look at the pictures below.

Becoming a Roman god

We played a great game in maths today (19.09.19) called 'push penny'.  Using counters and a printed sheet (see below) we had to see who could make the biggest number.

Push penny document


During the first two days we used 270 balloons and 4kg of rice to make juggling balls - three per child.  Mr Chandler has set us a challenge - to become 'expert' jugglers by the end of the year!


For some tips and advice click on this link juggling.


How to make a juggling ball