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Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello my lovely Year 3’s!

I know it’s all a bit strange at the moment and maybe you are feeling a little worried about what is happening and that’s ok, maybe start a diary where you can write down all the things you do each day. Year 3- you must talk to your parents as they will be able to help you if you feel anxious. Mrs Botterman and I want you to know that even though we are not seeing you in person, we are still very much thinking of you. Use our email address if you would like to speak to us directly.

Here on our class page we will upload a weekly learning grid every Monday morning. You can select the activities you would like to do and use your exercise book if you need to do some writing. You don't only have to stick to the grid, you can write stories and diary entries and be as creative as you like.

I know you will probably want to take advantage of a few pyjama days but we urge you to get into a routine as quickly as you can.  Try to get up before 9am, get dressed, eat breakfast, complete some jobs expected of you (don’t just leave your bowl for mummy-I’m sure you can wash it up) and SMILE!:-)

Arrange your day carefully, making sure you read for at least 30 minutes, select some activities from the grid-(at least 3 a day) and when you write make sure you remember your beautiful Hollybush Handwriting. Practise your common exception words and times tables (on TTRS) which are in the non- negotiables section (which means WE have said you have to do them so don’t blame your parents!)

So… this is day 1, I am off to school today to care for the children of the Keyworkers. Mrs Botterman is videoing something for you… so watch this space! (In the Hetty and Mrs B section)

What are you going to do first? TTRS? It’s Monday so get going on those spellings! Pick a few to learn and ask your parents to test you to see what you have remembered, can you show them the techniques we use such as rainbow spellings or pyramid spellings? Maybe put them into silly sentences.

Check out the other class pages too- all the teachers are doing lots of fun things, and do you know what? I think these pages will get better and better as the days or maybe weeks go on. Mrs Botterman is getting more and more tech savvy –she’ll be teaching you a whole lesson online soon!

Thank you all so much for the amazing pictures you have sent us already, check them out in the gallery section. If there is something you would like to send us or something you need us to door show you, email us at

Before I go, I have a challenge for you……. can you do an act of kindness today? Maybe pop a letter through a neighbour’s door? Or call someone who would love to hear from you? You’re all so amazing Year 3, show the world how fantastic you are! Let me know what you do, I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

Miss you already.

Mrs C and Mrs B x