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Fred Talk Games

Fred Talk Games


Fred is a very special frog who can only speak in sounds. He says m-a-t or sh-o-p. He helps children sound out words for reading and spelling. Fred Talk games are a fun way to teach children how to orally blend sounds into words. 


Body parts

Fred instructs children to touch their nose, hands on your head etc.

‘Fred says put your hands on your l-e-g’. ‘Fred says put your hands on your b-a-ck’. 'Fred says touch your f-oo-t’.


Animal noises

Fred names an animal and the children make the noise of that animal.

'Fred wants you to make the noise of a h-or-se’. 'Fred says make the noise of a sh-ee-p.' 'Fred says make the noise of a d-o-g.' 


Number Fingers

Fred says a number and asks the children to show him that number of fingers. 

'Fred wants you to show him th-r-ee’. 'Fred says show him s-i-x’.



Fred instructs the children to clap, jump, dance etc.

‘Fred wants you to h-o-p’. 'Fred wants you to r-u-n'. 'Fred says j-u-m-p'. 



Fred asks the children to point to various things.

‘Fred wants you to point to the ‘c-l-o-ck’. 'Fred says point to the w-i-n-d-ow'. 


You can also use Fred Talk as part of everyday instructions. 'Get your c-oa-t' or 'It's time for l-u-n-ch'.