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Hollybush Primary School

Year 2

Our first few weeks of Year 2!


The class have done really well settling into Year 2 with their new teacher. We have been very focused on our 'Reading for Pleasure', and have a daily 'Book Club' where we all sit in our special Reading Area with blankets and enjoy a book together. We also have our 'Reading Train' displayed, showing all the books we have read together so far. Our love for reading is growing already!


Our topic for this term is 'What a Wonderful World' and we have started to learn about the continents of the world as well as enjoying our Science learning about living things. You will often find us outdoors exploring! We also started Forest School which everyone is really enjoying!


We had a very exciting day, where we came into school to find that The Twits had invaded Hollybush! Take a look at our page for highlights. We found wormy spaghetti in our classroom, and a tree covered in 'Hugtight' with trousers and feathers stuck to it. As we have been reading The Twits, we all knew it must have been them. We immediately set to work to write warning signs for the rest of the school, and we also helped the police by providing information to help with their investigation. In the afternoon, we created our own collages of The Twits using leaves from outside - particularly useful for their hairy beards! We also wrote kindness postcards to The Twits, to persuade them how they could be kinder. We were all very excited and worked really hard the whole day, whilst having a lot of fun.

Letter to Parents and Carers - September 2019

When The Twits came to Hollybush!