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Welcome to Year 2's Class Page!


What to expect in Year 3 Transition Story

Returning to School

Since Monday 29th June, Year 2 have returned to school.

With your child, please read through the short information page below, which includes some photos from school and some details about the school day. Please also watch the video below called 'Coming back to school in a bubble'. 


Take a look at our photos to see what we have been doing at school!



Between 23rd March - 26th June 2020, this page has been used for Home Learning.

From 29th June, some of Year 2 will be returning to school. 

For children continuing to learn at home, please use the below links to Home Learning Online Resources, Help and Support, and previous Weekly Activities that have been set. 

Email Miss McLeod if you need any support. Thank you!

Hollybush School - A Million Dreams

Hollybush Primary School performs 'A Million Dreams', with Makaton signing, during lockdown 2020.

We use this page to update you on all the exciting learning and activities we are doing, as well as providing regular updates and newsletters. Please have a scroll down to have a look at our photos! 


Into the Spring Term


We are doing some fantastic learning in Year 2 this term! We have had a particular focus on our writing, and there is lots of good progress being made whilst enjoying the different purposes of writing. Please continue to help your child with their handwriting using the weekly activity that comes home. 


Our Reading Competition launched with a fantastic start, and we are continuing with it into this half term as the children are loving it. It has been great to see how much they are reading at home. Please keep up the brilliant regular reading, as the children make their way around the different continents as part of our competition to win a prize! 


We have learnt a lot about recycling recently and how to care for our environment, crossing into both our Science and English work. We are also learning about Equality in our PSHE and History lessons, and will be focusing more on our school theme of 'Can One Person Change the World?' by learning about Malala Yousafzai and her work on equal rights to education across the world. 

Pancake Day!


Year 2 had a fabulous day on Pancake Day. We learnt all about instructions, and the importance of using command sentences and imperative verbs. The class helped Miss McLeod make the pancake batter with their instructions, and we then had a Pancake Party in the afternoon! We all tried yummy pancakes and chose our toppings. Have a look at the photos to see how much fun we had!

Pancake Day Photos

Valentine's Day


We had a lovely day preparing for Valentine's Day before half term. We each made a Valentine's Day card for someone else in our class so that everyone went home with a kind message! We also used watercolours to paint our own heart and create cards to take for someone at home, with our beautiful handwriting inside! 

Valentine's Day Photos

Spring Term Curriculum Letter - January 2020

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to Spring term, it has been lovely to see you all back at school and raring to go. We have kicked off our Maths work focused on Money, and have been reading one of our favourite books, Not Now Bernard by David McKee in literacy. We have also started looking at the different uses of every materials in Science, take a look at our photos below when we went exploring! 


Keep up the super reading at home, our competition will be launching soon - more to follow!


Miss McLeod and the team x

Science fun exploring different uses of materials!

Curriculum Meeting 3.12.19

Election Day - Thursday 12th December 2019!


In Year 2, we had our own election-inspired day to mark the General Election 2019. We learnt about how democracy works and how we vote in elections in the UK. We then cast our very own class vote, to decide what our next class reward will be. We each marked our ballot paper and put it into the sealed ballot box! The count was verified and the winner was announced! 


We then worked in teams to come up with ideas if we were standing to run the school. We had lots of great ideas, some more realistic than others! We also made our own rosettes. 


We had a great day and lots of the children look forward to turning 18 when they can vote in the real elections!



Working on partitioning numbers!

October Update!


We have been learning lots this month, including our continents and oceans of the world, delving into our grammar and use of the past tense, and working on our addition and subtraction in Maths. Everyone is working hard but having fun at the same time! We recently read 'Have you Filled a Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud, and came up with lots of brilliant ideas about how we can be kind to others and fill up their invisible buckets every day.

We continue with our 'Reading for Pleasure' and our daily Book Club, and have now nearly finished Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! We have been able to do lots of activities from our love of this book, including creating our own chocolate bars and writing adverts for it. We have also done lots on using adjectives in our writing, so we really do love to describe chocolate now! This is of course balanced with our healthy eating topic in Science! Take a look at some photos below of what we have been getting up to. Well done everyone for working so hard this half term, and as Mojo would say, for always trying and never giving up! 


Wishing you all a lovely half term!

Miss McLeod and the team

The day we had a letter from Willy Wonka!

Maths Fun!

Christmas came early... finger painting time!

Our first few weeks of Year 2!


The class have done really well settling into Year 2 with their new teacher. We have been very focused on our 'Reading for Pleasure', and have a daily 'Book Club' where we all sit in our special Reading Area with blankets and enjoy a book together. We also have our 'Reading Train' displayed, showing all the books we have read together so far. Our love for reading is growing already!


Our topic for this term is 'What a Wonderful World' and we have started to learn about the continents of the world as well as enjoying our Science learning about living things. You will often find us outdoors exploring! We also started Forest School which everyone is really enjoying!


We had a very exciting day, where we came into school to find that The Twits had invaded Hollybush! Take a look at our page for highlights. We found wormy spaghetti in our classroom, and a tree covered in 'Hugtight' with trousers and feathers stuck to it. As we have been reading The Twits, we all knew it must have been them. We immediately set to work to write warning signs for the rest of the school, and we also helped the police by providing information to help with their investigation. In the afternoon, we created our own collages of The Twits using leaves from outside - particularly useful for their hairy beards! We also wrote kindness postcards to The Twits, to persuade them how they could be kinder. We were all very excited and worked really hard the whole day, whilst having a lot of fun.

Letter to Parents and Carers - September 2019

When The Twits came to Hollybush!