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Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello everyone in webworld! I've been up since 7 O'clock making some changes to the class page. It was beginning to get a bit cluttered with all the videos and websites that I was adding. I have now deleted the 'Videos' sub-page and have instead put them in the relevant subject sub-pages, so the video for the bus stop method is now on the maths page. Also, instead of seeing the videos as a large YouTube images, they will now be embedded in the text on the page. You will be able to tell which words are links because they will be in green and if you hover over them your cursor will turn into a hand.I hope that this makes the pages more streamlined and easier to navigate.

Anyway, on with today. I will be in school this afternoon with Elliot and Miss White working with the few children of key workers that are still coming to school. Apparently, there were only seven children in yesterday! It's good to see that people are following the government's advice. This morning I will be working with my son on his school work and video calling with my mum and dad. It is important to stay in touch with friends and relatives during these times and video calling is a nice way to feel closer to them even if you are not in the same physical space.

For your work today, I would love you to try some creative writing. There are many ideas and resources on the 'Writing Tasks' sub page as well as a video below giving you some great tips. If you like nature, the 'Iver Environment Centre' are running Facebook Live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am. Each session will cover a different topic in nature such as parts of a plant, water nymphs and larvae and seeds. The link is on the green words above. I have also added some maths questions and a video on column addition to the maths page, and a reading comprehension to the reading page. Remember to try to do at least one Maths and English activity per day. There will also be a new hat, cuddly and chapter later on.

Remember to think of at least one thing you are thankful for every day.

Until tomorrow then.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning you delightful people, I hope you had a restful sleep after all the interesting work you were up to yesterday. It was lovely to receive so many emails and photographs of your learning, I have uploaded them all to the photos sub-page so make sure you have a look. I'm typing this blog as I watch 'Spongebob' with my son (you can't beat a bit of the porous yellow idiot!) and we're looking forward to another day of fun filled home-learning. We're going to be working on our times tables, story writing and heading to Waterford Heath for a nature walk. We will be looking out for interesting rocks to paint (thanks for the idea Lijana) and maybe building a den.

Today is a bit 'Mathsy' and I've uploaded a video on the 'bus stop method' as well as some division questions on the maths sub-page. I've also included a link to 'The Maths Factor' website which is an awesome resource covering every area of maths which is now FREE to register. Go on sign up and become a maths genius! I'm also going to put some pictures to stimulate creative writing, story starters and a planning grid on the 'Writing Tasks' sub-page to guide your writing as well as a reminder of the non-negotiables. I know, I'm too good to you.

Remember to take some time to have some fun and do something for yourself each day as well as looking after your family during these interesting times. Try to do something that helps someone else today and keep living the school values.


PS I think I forgot to save my video of 'Fly Me Home' until quite late yesterday, so check it out today if you missed it. If you want a 'shout out' or for me do do/say anything in particular during the video, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail. You never know, I might do it. Peace out.


PPS COMPETITION!!! If you would like to redesign the 'Welcome to Year 5' text at the top of this page, please email it to me and I'll upload a winner on Monday next week.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning year 5 and welcome to day 2 of the home learning experience! It's a lovely day outside and I've just come back from Bengeo cricket ground where I have given my son, Jack, a PE lesson. We did frisbee throwing, football and bike riding, not bad eh? Make sure you get out for some exercise and fresh air once a day, particularly while the weather is so nice. Later, I'm going to be planning a story with Jack later about a peanut and a dog that time travel! We will also be doing some handwriting and Maths. Please try to do at least one Maths and English activity a day, don't let those lovely brains turn to mush!

Today, I have uploaded a video about using the skill of inference when reading, you can put this skill to the test when reading a free ebook from 'Oxford Reading Owl' (the link is on the reading sub-page). I have also added a link to the Brain Pop website which has loads of amazing games and activities in all subject areas. I will be adding creative writing ideas to the writing sub-page too, if you fancy using your imagination. Remember, I don't need you to do activities from the Weekly Activities grid as long as you are doing something educational every day.

I'm glad that so many of you were in contact yesterday, whether through e-mail or commenting on my YouTube video, it's nice to know you are there. (Lily, I will not be downloading TikTok, neither will I be doing a 'last to leave the sofa challenge'. I am trying to keep things at least vaguely educational and my only videos will be of 'Fly Me Home'.) I have added some photos that have been e-mailed to me. Keep in touch and keep working hard.

Mr Mallick


PS - Tomorrow at 9.30am Steve Backshall will be doing an online home school class on his Facebook page. Give it a look.

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Hey guys, I know its Sunday but as I'm in school tomorrow I thought I'd share this with you today. It feels very strange talking to you like this but I hope you're all logging on to see what's happening with me. I've just finished watching 'Black Panther' (me and the family are watching all the Marvel films in order) and am looking forward to watching 'Avengers: Infinity War' next. I've also been helping Jack spoil my wife with breakfast in bed and multiple cups of tea. Perhaps you could let me know what you have done for your mums on Mothers' Day. Above this 'blog' is a sub-page with some learning activities you can try this week and later on I will be filming myself reading the next chapter of 'Fly Me Home' in a stupid hat. Try to do at least a couple of activities a day and stick to a sensible routine. I have also added a video below to help you understand column subtraction; generate some of your own sums and complete them in your home learning book. Also check out the link below to explore 12 museums from around the world. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and I look forward to 'blogging you on Tuesday.


PS The videos and web pages that I put on each day will be deleted the following day and added to the 'Videos' and 'Weblinks' sub-pages above so that you can refer back to them at any time