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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hello all my little home learners, how did you get on with your first day of leaning from home? I hope you didn't have to tell yourself off! We are trying very hard to find exciting work for you to do which you can manage at home. Don't worry if some parts are too tricky as there are other areas of learning which may suit you better. If there is anything you need such as more paper or pens, please let us know and we can drop them off. If there is an activity of your own which you would like to do and we haven't set it, please do it, we are excited to see all of your work!

Did you have a lovely Mother's Day? Remember what I told you to do, I hope you did it!! I spent Mother's Day in my garden, the first thing I did was clean the green house as it was very green from the moss and whatever else was stuck to all of the glass!  Do you think that's why they call them green houses? Maybe you could find out and let me know! Then I planted lots of seeds and all of the vegetables from Tara who was doing gardening club. Grace and Nife I am looking after your pepper and cauliflower plants, they say they are missing you but look forward to seeing you when they are ready to eat!!


I am walking Hetty every day in the fields which is wonderful, I thought we could all make a list and take pictures or videos  for our gallery of all the living things that we see. We could then try to draw them too! Today I saw a kite which is a bird of prey, in the woods at the back of my house where it is nesting. I will try and get a video of it! Then as I walked on a little further I saw something very strange looking but it turned out to be Mr Botterman!!!

Remember to work hard and be the best person you can be,

Mrs B x