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The Queen's Jubilee

We had a fantastic week learning about and celebrating all things Queen's Jubilee! On Monday we learnt lots of interesting facts about the Queen, including how old she is, where she lives and what her favourite dogs are. We each wrote amazing sentences about what we knew. Later in the week we 'visited' London. We had a virtual tour and recognised lots of landmarks. We compared them to where we lived and looked up our own houses on Google Earth. We followed our favourite drawing videos to create some AMAZING portraits of th Queen. 


On Wednesday we made cupcakes. We measured the ingredients carefully before mixing them together. We cooked the cupcakes and waited until the next day for them to cool before we decorated and ate them. They were delicious! 


On Friday we wore red, white and blue clothes to school. We had a special picnic lunch on the field, finished off with ice lollies. We performed our song to our families at the end of the day. We were amazing!