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Year 4 Learning Grid

The latest Y4 learning grid

Hollybush 'Kindness' grid

Here is the latest Y4 learning grid.  There are a total of 36 activities.  Some activities are like mini projects so will take longer than one day.  I hope you enjoy completing some of them.
Here is a new learning grid for the next two weeks (wc 04.05.2020).  It contains 30 activities so there's plenty to choose from!  You may find that an activity takes you more than one day to complete.  That's absolutely fine!  Just because there's a new grid doesn't mean you can't go back to the old ones and continue to choose activities from them.  Have fun!
I have created a new learning grid for the next two weeks (wc 20.04.2020).  It is slightly different from the first one I created, which you can still dip into.  This grid has subjects down the right hand side and some extra maths activities at the very bottom.  Hope you find it a useful addition to the Maths and English activities.
Below is the Year 4 learning grid.  This grid contains a wide range of learning activities.  There is plenty to keep you busy and engaged.  My suggestion is that you complete one activity a day.  Don't rush an activity.  Take great pride in what you and your finished piece of work.

Y4 Home Learning Grid