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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Wow we are in to another week of home learning and you are doing so well, your enthusiasm is remarkable and we are so proud of you!

You get a longer weekend break this week because of VE day celebrations on Friday which Mrs Cracknell has told you all about. How wonderful that heroes such as Colonel Tom are still alive to tell the tales of war and how people like him fought for our country.

Thinking about that, in the future you will look back at this strange time and realise that you are the heroes because of how you are staying at home to keep safe and help the NHS. I was shocked when I went to buy some fruit and veg from the market last Saturday that there were people stood together chatting and not keep safe distances apart. We won't be like that will we, even if we are tempted, we know what is good for us and those around us.

On Sunday, Mrs Quacknell left her nest for a whole hour so we quickly took a video of her nine eggs! It can't be far from hatching time now! I asked a neighbour of mine who has ducks and chickens if they would hatch at different times, as they were laid at different times, and she told me that they don't start incubating the eggs until the last one is laid. She also said that they might not all hatch but we will see - it's getting very exciting!!

I'm glad to see that the caterpillars hanging from the trees and getting in my hair are getting less but have you noticed the millions of long dangly legged black flies around? They are called St Mark's flies and the eggs hatch now - clearly!! Google them and find out their other name and why they are called St Mark's flies!

I'm looking forward to going in to school tomorrow as I get to find out what other teachers have been getting up to, it's also lovely that we can help key workers by looking after their children whilst they do such important work. Have a lovely couple of days and don't forget to send your work in,

Mrs B x