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Rocket Word Challenge

Red Word Rocket Challenge


There are a selection of words per year group until your child leaves primary school that they must learn to read and write. They are known as ‘common exception words’ and our Read Write Inc. phonics scheme refers to them, and the children will begin to know them as ‘red words’. These words cannot be sounded out using ‘Fred talk’ and the children will be familiar with learning these words by sight and repetition.


Your child has recently brought home a rocket containing 6 red words that they are learning to read and write at school. By sending them home, we hope that the children will learn them more quickly and they can progress to different rockets throughout the year. Below are some ideas you might like to use a home to support your child in learning their rocket words. 


Children will begin on rocket number 1 and we will assess the children’s ability to read and write these 6 words in 3 weeks’ time. That’s the equivalent of learning 2 words per week. When children can independently read and write the words on rocket 1, they will move to rocket 2 and so on. Children will be assessed every 3 weeks and given a special certificate to take home when they have shown that they can independently read and write the 6 words on their rocket.


It is very important that your child does not lose their rocket. Please keep it somewhere safe at home or it is a good idea to keep the rocket in your child’s reading pack which needs to travel to school and back with them each day.


We hope that your child enjoys learning to read and write these red words with you at home! Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions.


Thank you, The Reception Team