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Week beginning 13th June

This week we learnt about ways to keep our bodies healthy. To start with, we learnt about heathy food choices. We learnt that there are different food groups and learnt what each food group helps our bodies with. We learnt that some food groups we should have ‘lots of’, some we should have ‘some of’ and some food groups we should have ‘a little of’ every day. We found out that we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day. We made fruit kebabs using some of our favourite fruits. First we had to write a list of ingredients for our kebabs. We then carefully chopped different fruits. Then we used wooden skewers and threaded our favourite pieces of fruit onto them to create our fruit kebab. 

We also found out ways to keep our teeth healthy, including brushing them twice a day for at least 2 minutes. We found out about why too much sugar is bad for our teeth. 

Week beginning 6th June

This week we were very lucky to have two fantastic Balanceability sessions. In our first session, we learnt how to use the balance bikes and our feet to speed up, slow down, stop and steer safely. In our second session we put our skills to use on a obstacle course all around the playground, including a slalom, roundabout and ramps.  

May 2022

We had a very busy month! We started it by earning all about Eid and how it is celebrated. We loved hearing from our friends about how they and their families celebrate Eid. We were amazed at the beautiful henna patterns one of our friends had and thoroughly enjoyed creating our own intricate patterns. 


We spent lots of time outside in the sunshine too. Lots of use created some fantastic recipies in the mud kitchen. We made them first then wrote our recipies before they were laminated and displayed in the mud kitchen for us and our friends to see. We also got very messy making some magical potions! We had everything from shrinking potions, to potions that turned you into a strawberry, and one that made you walk bakwards! We continued to love to explore our woodwork bench and are getting more creative and confident every time! 


Week beginning 25th April

On Monday we received a very exciting delivery; a special pot of tiny caterpillars. We learnt all about their lifecycle and we made models to remind us of it. We have been carefully observing the caterpillars every day and can’t wait for them to continue to grow and change! We also learnt that butterflies have patterns on their wings that are symmetrical. We made symmetrical patterns of our own and played a game where we matched symmetrical shapes on the whiteboard. 

Week beginning 19th April 

This week we were thinking about the question, ‘What is art?’. We had some fabulous ideas including, “you get to make creative things”, “you can draw and paint”, and “you get to make things for your family”.

We also read the book, ‘The Dot’, a story about a little girl who doesn’t think she can draw until her teacher helps her to discover that she can. We created dots of our using using different drawing and painting techniques. We also had lots of fun drawing things ourselves including a ladybird, bear, elephant and chicken using videos to help us. Our drawings got better and better during the week and we were very impressed with and proud of what we could do! 

This week a few of us were introduced to our new woodwork bench and tools outside. We can’t wait to explore it more next week!