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Spelling Activity



I hope you enjoy these different spelling activities.  I suggest you complete one each day.  You choose which one you'd like to start with!



We have come to the end of the Y4 spelling programme that we use at school - 'No Nonsense Spelling'.


You have the Y5/6 spellings which I suggest you look through - ask Mum or Dad to test you on 10 of these each day.  Here are some BBC KS2 spelling activities that you may want to work through.  I suggest one each day.


Words which use the 'ough' sound

Which words end with -cious and -tious?

How to spell the 'shun' sound

Spelling Quiz

When is the 'sh' sound spelt with 'ch'?

When is the 'i' sound spelt with a 'y'?

When is the 'uh' sound spelt 'ou'?

When is the 's' sound spelt with 'sc'?

Which words end with -ture and -sure?

Which words end with -sion?


Spelling activities for this week (wc 01.06.2020):

Spelling Activity - 24.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 23.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 22.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 21.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 20.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 03.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 02.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 01.04.2020

Spelling Activity - 31.03.2020

Spelling Activity - 30.03.2020