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Monday 18th May 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Hello, wonderful children, I hope you had a good weekend. We have uploaded new Home Learning for you but like we said it's your choice what you do as long as it keeps you happy. I know that a few of you were a little fed up last week, I spoke to my Mum yesterday and she feels exactly the same, but I do think we have 'fed up days' when we are school and we know these pass. The sun is back and I've asked it to hang around for a long time, let's see if it does as it's told :)

Have any of you seen each other on your daily walks? I think you are more likely to now you are allowed out more but do ensure you keep your safe distance. This is so important and will be in place for many more weeks.

Unfortunately, as cute as it is, we now have a young rabbit which keeps coming in to our garden and it is eating my vegetables, as they love juicy green shoots. So today I've been squeezing myself in to small places, like behind the greenhouse, to block up any entrances!! If it continues to come in I may have to make a rabbit stew - It will certainly taste nice considering what it has been eating!!!!

We have some big news…Mrs Quacknell has had her babies. The videos and pictures can be found in Mrs Quacknell’s subpage. More details to follow!

Also, please do send in your x tables results so that you can move forward, we will be phoning you all this week and I can't promise that I won't mention it - you know how important I continually tell you they are - I bet you're not missing me nagging:)

Have a lovely day and I hope you manage to get out in the fresh air, as always we miss you all desperately,

Mrs B