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Anti-bullying show and workshop

Today Openview Education came to Hollybush to deliver a show to the whole school and workshops to each class. What a super way to start the summer term! We learnt so much about being an upstander and not a bystander and we now have a good understanding of what bullying is and most importantly what we can do to stop it if we see it!  Openview Education wrote to us after:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with your teachers and students, it was a really fantastic day. I thought your children were incredibly respectful and well behaved”

Lucy's Blue Day

We were really excited to welcome Chris Duke, author of Lucy’s Blue Day to Hollybush on Tuesday. This beautifully illustrated book was published last month during Children’s Mental Health week and we were lucky enough to secure a visit.


The book is centred around a little girl named Lucy who has magical hair which changes colour to reflect her mood. If she is angry, it's red, if she is jealous, it is green, and one day she wakes up and it's blue, she doesn't understand why. It’s only when she sees other people with blue hair that she discovers that her blue feelings are ok, and that what she is going through is perfectly normal, and that its ...#OkNotToBeOK.


The whole school and some parents, listened to the story and Chris Wrote to us afterwards to say:

"your children were so well behaved and a credit to your school"


If you didn't order a copy of the book on the day to get signed but would like to order a copy now you can purchase it via the website All proceeds are currently going towards school tours to give mental health talks/book readings. So let’s support this brilliant cause and break down the stigma surrounding mental health.