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ENGLISH WRITING TASK FOR FRIDAY - Do you remember that awful meal that Mrs Twit made for Mr Twit? She hid the worms inside of the spaghetti and then covered it with tomato sauce and cheese. Can you imagine that you are Mrs Twit and you are going to make a disgusting meal for Mr Twit. What would you make for him? Chat to a member of your family to see if they have any ideas too. I would like you to write a recipe for Mrs Twit to use for her husband. I look forward to reading all of your disgusting recipes.

THURSDAY 7TH JANUARY - ENGLISH WRITING LESSON - I would like you to write some sentences about Mr Twit to describe him. You will need to think about what he looks like, what he might smell like, how he behaves and what kind of person he is. • Remember to begin each sentence with a capital letter. • Remember Mr Twit begins with capital letters because that is his name. • Use lots of interesting adjectives to describe Mr Twit. • Try to use the work ‘because’ in some of your sentences.

NEW YEAR READING COMPREHENSION - WEDNESDAY 6TH JANUARY - there are 3 levels * is the easiest and *** is for children who are free readers. Look at the bottom of the page to see what level you want.



Write about what you did on your favourite day in the Christmas holidays.

Remember to use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and for proper nouns.

Remember to use full stops at the end of each sentence.

Try to use adjectives to describe your nouns to create an expanded noun phrase.

Dont forget to send your work to me. This can be done by 'turning it in' on Google Classroom or by taking a photo of it and emailing to