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Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April

At last it's here, the official chocolate eating two week school holiday of the academic year and you all thoroughly deserve it after working so hard at home with your family! Now is the time to allow your home teachers to relax and for you to do whatever you love doing the most.

 I absolutely can't wait for it to get a little warmer so that I can spend most of my time gardening or reading. I'm reading a book that Mrs Cracknell gave me which links to our topic work on Hitler, it's not one for 'young readers' as it is about some of the dreadful things he did to people who absolutely didn't deserve what happened to them. I'm reading it to give me a better understanding of what they went through, remember our words on the topic wall which were 'sympathy' and 'empathy',  well this is where they really become evident.

Do you know our country and many others pulled together to fight against that evil man, just like we are all fighting this nasty virus together now by staying at home, and following all the advice on how to stay safe.

I was thinking that some of you will be celebrating your birthday whilst we are at home, in actual fact it is my husband's birthday on Saturday which means I will have to try and make him a birthday cake - oh my goodness that is a real challenge for me - and a bigger one for him as he has to eat it :(  Anyway to all those who are another year older HAPPY BIRTHDAY XX

Over the next two weeks it won't be necessary to do and send work, email or blog but we look forward to hearing from you after the Easter break and our hearts remain with you. Also for those children who were thinking of getting myself or Mrs C an Easter egg, don't worry they keep :) xxx


We are always here for you if you DO need to contact us over the holiday period please email us via  school at  We all need a support network x