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Hollybush Primary School

Who's Who

School Year 2018 - 2019


Head: Mrs Valerie Noon 

Deputy Head: Mrs Hannah Cracknell

Year 6: Mr Ian Chandler

Year 5: Miss Grace Borgeat and Mrs Donna Botterman

Year 4: Ms Heather Prendergast

Year 3: Mr Thomas Mallick

Year 2: Mrs Hannah Cracknell

Year 1: Miss Katy White

Reception: Mrs Nicky Lawson & Mrs Annie Kenway

Nursery: Mrs Clare Stokes

Cover Teacher: Mrs Alessandra Libutti

SENCO: Miss Grace Borgeat

Learning Mentor: Miss Katie Collingwood


Teaching Assistants: 

Years 4/5/6: Mrs Karen Wyles, Mrs Tracy Parker & Mrs Jane Smith

Years 2 and 3: Miss Ashley Franklin & Mrs Jill Eley

Year 1: Miss Katrina Richardson & Miss Vanessa Crane

Reception:  Mrs Alison Bradshaw (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Jill Quinton & Mrs Jane Butcher

Nursery:  Mrs Jo Cuffaro (Nursery Nurse) & Mrs Jane Butcher

Nursery lunch club: Mrs Alison Bradshaw and Miss Vanessa Crane


Finance Officer: Mrs Leila Newman

School Secretary: Miss Sarah Byrne

Site Manager: Mr Pete Millard


MSAs: Mrs Tracy Parker, Mrs Jane Smith, Mrs Sally Pickford, Mrs Linda McKinney, Miss Emma Mclean

& Mrs Maxine Davies


Out of School Club:

Leader:  Miss Ashley Franklin

Deputy Leader: Miss Vanessa Crane (Breakfast club) Mrs Elaine Morris (after school club)

Out of School Club Assistants: Mrs Tracey Parker, Mrs Jane Smith & Miss Katie Collingwood