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Year 6 Summer Term

Maya Masks

Last half term the children had a lot fun making 'relief' Maya masks out of cardboard.  They are now displayed in the classroom and they look stunning.

Last Spring term was super busy.  We had a lot of fun doing all sorts of things - click on some of the documents to find out!

Tomorrow's Friday (17.01.19) and we've almost finished our second week of the Spring term.  Learning is moving at a fast pace; we've already started a new art topic looking at the person and work of Alberto Giacometti; investigating the Stock Market is underway in Computing; and in science the children have been introduced to 'Kan poured coke over Finley's grandmothers skirt' or in other words Carl Linneaus' famous classification system: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.  The children enjoyed understanding about this classification system by watching an amusing yet helpful video.  To find out all about the other exciting things we'll be learning this term click on the tab below.

Year 6 Spring Newsletter 2019

We really enjoyed our recent visit (10.10.19) visit to Pizza Express.

Learning about, making and eating pizzas!

Year 6 Autumn Newsletter 2018

Have a look in more detail at what we've been learning by clicking on one of the icons below.  On Friday 26th October Year 6 held a class assembly.  Many of the parents came and then went onto a curriculum workshop held by Mr Chandler.  If you click on the 'Year 6 info.' icon you will be able to access the PowerPoint that Mr Chandler used at the workshop. 

Active Maths - solving a maths problem whilst getting fit!

In today's (12.10.18) PSHE lesson we learnt how quickly online information can be passed on.  We also looked at why apps and social media sites have different age limits.  For more information on the content and suitability of apps/social media sites please follow this link:

It's been a great start to the new year - what a fantastic class!


The excitement is building as Year 6 get ready for their PGL adventure (click here for a virtual tour of PGL Liddington) which starts on Monday (17.09.18).  Mr Chandler, Mrs Botterman and Mrs Wyles are also getting excited.  Do follow our daily blog - click here  Our school value this term is 'EXCITEMENT' and we will have a new school display promoting this value and encouraging the children to share their excitement with the rest of the school.