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Happy Bubble Birthday, Mrs Eckland!!!

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Hope you have a great day. We love working in your bubble!

At 11am today the Duchess of Cambridge will deliver a national assembly on kindness. Head over to Oak Academy webpage to join the assembly after our live lesson.



World Oceans Day Poem by Millie

2 fantastic Ocean collages inspired by Blue Planet for World Oceans Day

Year 6 return to school after Lockdown

Return to school

Hollybush School - A Million Dreams

Hollybush Primary School performs 'A Million Dreams', with Makaton signing, during lockdown 2020.




Good morning Year 6,


We do hope you have had a good weekend and been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  Have you seen the green caterpillars in Panshanger Woods?  According to numerous sources they are falling out of trees on long threads of silk.  Someone was heard to have coined the phrase, 'Caterpillar Rain' which is rather apt.


Below you'll see this week's learning.  You can find your daily Maths and English activity by clicking on the appropriate star.  You may also want to look at the following websites:


BBC Bitesize

The Oak National Academy


Hope you have a good week!

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good morning Year 6.  We do hope the last two days of learning have gone well.


Today is St. Georges Day.  Why not visit the English Heritage site and find out more about the legend of St. George - what is fact and what is fiction?  There's a fascinating blog entitled, 'where do myths, legends, and folktales come from'.  Have a read.


Today, on BBC Bitesize there's lessons on 'using adjectives for more descriptive writing', 'add and subtract integers' and 'singing with feeling'.  Why not give a music lesson a go?


More lessons can be found on the Oak National Academy - there's one on using direct speech to write quotes.


Below are an English and Maths lesson that we would like you to do.

Hi Year 6,


Sorry there wasn’t any work on your class web page yesterday (20.04.2020).  Hopefully, you were able to explore the BBC’s new learning hub and the Government’s new online learning resource – The Oak National Academy.


Today (Tuesday 21st April), on the BBC website there are lessons on: verbs and modal verbs, rounding decimals and an introduction to settlements.  On The Oak National Academy there’s a Spanish lesson, a reading comprehension lesson and a maths lesson about equivalence.


Please do have a look at these.


Below, is some work for tomorrow and Wednesday we would like you to do.  In each section there is a Maths activity and an English activity – please do both of these.


If you click on this link you'll find a sheet of activities that don't require a screen!  Try and do one of these each day - 25 non-screen activities (Pobble) - in addition to your Maths and English activity.


We would still love to see what you are doing at home so please use to show us all your fabulous learning. Parents-please use this email instead of the Year 6 email for the time being. Have a fantastic day!

Good morning YEAR 6.  It's Easter holidays time.  Keep logging in every morning to The ECKLAND BLOG as I have lots of fun Easter activities for you to do.  

Remember to keep fit and healthy.  Click here for PE WITH JOE WICKS or click here to enjoy a live story daily at 11am with DAVID WALLIAMS. I will be uploading further chapters of our class story later on this afternoon.

I look forward to seeing you all at 11am today for our live chat.

Good morning Year 6. 

For those of you taking place in the quiz at 11am please remember to read the SAFEGUARDING RULES from Friday (see below).  Also, as you join the ZOOM chat please TURN OFF YOUR MICROPHONE or you will not be able to hear me!!!!

Good afternoon Year 6,

I have finished my shift in school this morning, had a nap and am now chilling on the sofa.  I'm not feeling too well today (dont worry it is not Coronavirus) so I have been unable to complete a blog for you.  Please continue to send through any photos of things that you have been up to today. I will upload them over the weekend.

As we move into Week 2 of Social Distancing on Monday I thought it would be nice to host a little quiz for you.  We are going to do this on ZOOM.  This can be downloaded as an app or opened up on a computer, tablet or laptop.  Because of safeguarding rules I need you to do the following:

  • Parents must email me on giving permission for their child to take part. I will then email you a link allowing you to take part in the chat on Monday 30th March at 11am.
  • All children taking part must have an adult in the room with them whilst they are on screen.  This adult must make themselves visible to me before the child can take part and remain in the same room as the child throughout the duration of the chat.
  • All members of the chat MUST be fully clothed (eg, no tops off etc)
  • Any inappropriate language or behaviour will result in the person being deleted from the chat.


So, get signed up now and I will look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning.

Enjoy your weekend - Mrs E. 


Good morning my wonderful class.  I hope that this finds you all safe and well.  Since we last spoke I have become an overnight YouTube sensation! Well, not quite, but I have mastered the skill of recording and uploading videos.  This means that in our class story file above I am able to deliver chapters of our book for you to listen to at your leisure.

Also check out the photo gallery, we have had some great lego models so far.  The poetry file is also a great read.

Remember to keep sending me you work, jokes, photos etc.  And remember to keep up the challenges on TTRS.  

Today's blog is now available in the folder above.  Stay Safe.

BREAKING NEWS............


Try this link for my test video!

For the daily Eckland Blog please click on the folder above.  Yesterday's photos will be uploaded this afternoon as I am in school for my shift this morning.  Remember to stay at home and stay safe. 


Letter to Year 6 from Mrs Eckland

Home Learning ideas for Year 6

History lesson links

Chinese New Year - Spring Roll Recipe. Please check this recipe to see if there are any foods that your child is allergic to. We will be making these on Monday.

NORTH AMERICA - countries, flags and capital cities

SHORT DIVISION - we are recapping on using the 'Bus Stop Method' this week. Here is a little reminder, for everyone at home, of how we do this.

Happy New Year!

How to lay out short multiplication in Year 6.

The Day the Air Raid Siren Sounded - last week, as the children arrived at school, the air raid siren sounded and we had to make our way into the air raid shelter. We spent the day in there together taking part in a number of activities that would have gone on back in 1940 in an air raid shelter in London. What a fantastic day we had!

Year 5/6 Common Exception word list


Year 6 have had a very busy first half term.  We have focused most of our learning around the topic of World War 2 and have produced some fantastic poetry and biographies. In Maths we have looked at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, reminded ourselves about factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers as well as developing our addition and subtraction skills in real life situations (this involved us online shopping!). To make our learning fun we sometimes don't even bother to use our exercise books; this week we wrote on tables, then went around and corrected each others missing capital letters! Have a look at some of our photos. 

Learning can still be fun in Year 6!


Welcome to our Year 6 page for 2019-2020.  The new term is already in full swing and we are settled in and working hard.  We have begun our year by writing some amazing poetry about The Blitz.  The class have learned how to develop their poetic language using personification and we have had some fantastic results.  Well done Year 6!