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Speed Sound Games

Speed Sounds Games


Flashing through the speed sounds every day is a great way to learn them. Start by showing your child the letter side, for example ‘m’. If they are unable to tell you the sound, turn the card over to the picture side to help give them a clue. Going through a few different sounds every day in this way or trying a game below will be of huge benefit to your child’s learning! Speed sound cards can be bought from Amazon, or children will soon bring home a school made set for you to use at home. 


Splat the Sound

Choose a selection of sounds and put them out infront of you with the sound showing (around 4 is a good start). Ask your child to ‘splat’ the sound using their hand. For example, ‘can you splat ‘a’?’  ‘can you splat ‘d’?’.


Sound Hunt

Hide a selection of sounds around your home. Challenge your child to go and find them all. When they’ve found them all, ask them to tell you the sounds they have found.

Time Challenge

Challenge your child to see how many sounds they can read in a given time, 30 seconds to a minute is a good start. Repeat to see if they can beat their score.

Sound Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, add a sound card to each stair. As your child goes up the stairs, ask them to tell you the sound on each step. 

RWI Race

Put a selection of sound cards at one end of the room/garden. Ask you child to run to the cards, pick one up, read it and run back. Repeat until all of the cards have been picked up.