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Monday 11th May 2020

Monday 11th May 2020


Happy Monday! How was your long weekend? I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather and made the most of it. Did you have any VE day celebrations? I made some bunting and a sign with my children and we had some cake in the front garden. On Thursday with the keyworkers children we made a banner for VE day which is up near the rainbow banner, take a look at it on one of your walks.

 Today we have a new learning grid for you to look at and select some work from, take a look and work out which activities you would like to do first.

We have our class Zoom today at 11:45am I have sent the details via Marvellous Me. If you have any problems email me at .I hope to see you there, bring a pen and some paper. Please also make sure you are in a quiet room, because if there is lots of background noise it is very tricky to hear.

We only had 7 children in our class do the A Million Dreams Makaton video, we have decided to extend the deadline so if anyone would like to send one in this week, please do. If you don’t want to do the signing, there are now some other options. You can sing or dance to the song, or even just take a picture of you holding a sign with a message on and we will include it in the video. We really want to try to get the whole school in it. So please do try to take part if you can. An email will come out about this today.

See you at 11:45!

Mrs C x