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Statistics (03.05.2024)

We have almost finished our maths work on statistics.  In this unit the children have looked at reading and interpreting both line graphs and tables, including two-way tables.  There are a number of videos that your child can watch that will reinforce the learning we've done in class.  If there's a particular area they're not too sure on I suggest they watch this clip.  Each one is around 10 minutes long.  Click on the link below and then choose the statistics block.  If you would like me to print you off a copy of the associated workbook just let me know.


Y5 Statistic videos

Y5 Statistics workbook


Perimeter and Area (19.04.2024)

Below is a really good booklet to help practise some of the work we've been doing in class on perimeter and area.  Answers are at the back so you can mark with your son or daughter.  If you have not got a printer and would like me to print one out for you please let me know.  White Rose also produce some good videos about this area of maths.  These may be helpful if your child needs a quick reminder about a concept.  Please click on this link to take you to the videos.  Once you've clicked the link choose the box, 'perimeter and area' to access the videos.  Each one is between 10-14 minutes long.