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Hello from your Teaching Team!

heart Hello Messages from the Year 2 Teaching Team!! heart


We are all missing you lots, so we thought we would put up some messages and photos from each of the staff that you are normally used to seeing every day! laugh


Miss Richardson

Hello Year 2, This is me with Honey Bunny and going on a bike ride. I hope you are all okay. I miss you all so much. Love from Miss Richardson 😊Xx

Miss Crane

Hello Year 2!

Today we decided to go for a walk over to the Wood to see the bluebells. They are so beautiful. Have any of you been to the woods to see them?
I am missing you all very much and can't wait to see you all again soon xx

Mrs Eley

As you may know I love to bake and I have been really busy in my kitchen over the last few weeks. These are some Duffnuts (a cross between a doughnut and a muffin) that I baked this morning. They smell and taste delicious!

Miss McLeod

Although you hear from me each day, I thought I would show you some photos of what I have been up to! Alongside keeping our Home Learning up and running, I have used some of this time at home to start learning a new language called 'Malayalam'. As you might remember, my husband was born in India, and that is also where his family lives. Malayalam is the Indian language they all speak, I have wanted to learn the basics for a long time, but haven't had much time before now! As you might be able to see from the photos, it is very complicated - a completely new alphabet and sounds! So I have made up my own version of phonics to try and help me learn! Wish me luck laugh


I miss you all so much every day, and can't wait until we are back together! xx