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Home Learning Grid Week 1

Home Learning Week 1 -  Year 3


Can you make yourself a daily timetable you will need to add the activities you can do (including helping with jobs) and also add the time that you will do them. Make sure bedtime is nice and early!

If you have a ruler or a tape measure, measure items in your home, can you measure them in cm? Can you measure them in mm? Write down your findings in order of size.  If you do not have a ruler-what else could you use to measure?

Problem Solving.


Look at two step problems which use multiplication or division.


Year 3 M and D activity in additional resources section.

Can you write your own two step problems for your family to answer?




After using an Easter cupcake recipe (DT), write a set of instructions of how to make them. Use 'bossy verbs' and keep your instructions uncomplicated.  You need to record the equipment and the method and you may also use diagrams.

Read and compare 2 books by the same author. Were there any similarities? Which was your favourite? Why?

Write a poem about the rivers in Hertford, perform it or record it then email it to us so we can see it.


As a link to our history, choose somebody from another generation in your family and write their biography. This is a good opportunity to find out about an older member of your family such as your Nanny or Grandad. Add pictures to show evidence of their life. This activity can be built on as you gain more information. Plan your questions and use your technology knowledge and ICT skills to contact them. Ask an adult for help!


Complete the Mother’s Day comprehension in the additional resources section under this grid.

Write a book review of one of the books you have at home. Draw a picture of the front cover or the characters.

Create a leaflet about Hertford-encourage people to visit-what does Hertford have to offer?



A biography gives you information about a person. We have discussed Hitler as a start to our 'Can one person change the world' topic. Find out information about his life from beginning to end and write his biography. Only include key facts, think about who, why what where, when and how.

With the facts that you have found can you make a timeline?

Write a letter to a friend explaining about what you have found out about Hitler - he is not really the nice person you thought he was… Express your doubts!





What do plants need to grow? Draw a flow chart of how his happens.

How is water transported through a plant?

Draw a labelled diagram of how this happens and write numbered steps underneath.

Can you make a model of a plant from your recycling?

Create a picture of your teachers-you could use pencils, pen or paint-send it to us via email so we can see how beautiful you have made us J

Easter cupcakes –can you make some Easter cupcakes?

See recipe below or find your own.

Research a famous artist and write what you have learnt. Can you recreate one of their pieces of work?

Can you find examples of foods from the different food groups in your house? How can you display your findings?

Create a healthy fruit dish, which you could as a dessert. Draw a picture of what you made. What did your family think? Write down what they said.


Exercise daily!!  There are lots of exercise to follow on you tube and children's TV. Get the whole family doing it! See the ‘get moving’ link on our page.

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