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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good Morning!

Why not have a go at these Fraction games again today, which one is your favourite? Or if you are looking for something else to do check out these activities below which will help you if you are not quite feeling yourself at the moment, they are designed to help your emotional wellbeing.  

Cloud watching

When the weather is good, take a walk into your garden and lie down and watch the clouds go by.  See what different shapes and animals the members of your family see in the clouds – not everyone will see the same.


Using hand cream or moisturiser, take it turns to massage each other’s hands and feet (if you are feeling bravewink )

FaceTime your family

Ask your parent / carer’s permission to FaceTime one of your family members or friends.  They will love chatting with you and seeing your face.

Hide ‘n’ Seek

Play a traditional game of hide and seek as a family inside the house (Mr C once hid under the sofa whilst playing this game, needless to say he didn't fit, but it was very amusing!)

Living room DISCO

Close the curtains turn out the lights (or switch on your disco ball) and listen and dance to all your favourite songs. Hold a dancing competition with your family.


Have a fab day!

Mrs C x