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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Wednesday 13th May 2020

What a lovely surprise Mrs Cracknell and myself had yesterday whilst we were out doing some drop offs. We saw quite a few children from Hollybush safely at their houses or out doing their daily exercise. We had some good chats and laughter - it really hit home about how much we miss seeing you and we can't wait for us all to be back together. By Erica's house there is an amazing garden full of flowers and vegetables mixed together, it was amazing! Erica had planted some wild flowers, which they are looking forward to popping up. We also saw Imogen on her bike with her Mummy, she told us she was doing some topic work on trolls, what a great subject - you see you can do your own thing as long as it keeps you happy and motivated.

I had a little panic when I got back as there were some downy duck feathers on the lawn and I thought ducklings had hatched but then I saw Mrs Quacknell bob her head up so she is still sitting on them!

Yesterday I walked in to a beam on the back of my husband's truck and I've got TWO black eyes, I've never had one before, I felt like everyone I passed in Marks and Spencers, whilst shopping for my Aunty was starting at me!!! It does look funny :)

Anyway stay safe and BE GOOD !!!

Mrs B