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In this Gymnastics Movement unit we will learn how to perform a variety of floor and vault movements. We will learn stag jumps, split leaps, pike rolls, round-offs and the squat through vault while developing our understanding of the necessary flexibility, strength and control needed to perform the movements successfully. We will have the opportunity to choreograph our own sequences and routines and perform individually and as part of a pair or group.

...all children should be able to:

• describe the new movements learnt in the unit;

• perform recognisable movements, e.g. a pike forward roll that looks like a pike forward roll;

• describe how their performance has improved over the lesson;

• link a series of different movements together to form a short routine;

• practise and refine their own movements independently showing awareness of others around them.

Gymnastics : How to Do Gymnastics Jumps

Primary gymnastics........rolling tutorial

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In P.E We will specifically be focusing on ‘Invasion Games’. In this unit children learn how to outwit their opponents and score when playing invasion games. They develop skills in finding and using space to keep the ball. They play with the same basic court set-up and rules, but use a range of equipment and skills, including throwing, catching, kicking and striking skills. This will involve learning the skills relevant to many games with a focus on basketball.

Our basketball tournament!

5 Simple Basketball Moves ANYONE CAN DO!