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Friday 27th March 2020

Good Morning Year 3!

I hope you all had a nice day yesterday. Well done if you did your times table test, not to worry if you didn’t, but try to give it a go in the next few days and let us know how it goes. Did any of you join in and clap for the NHS staff last night? We did and it was incredible! I could hear the clapping all around me; it made me feel very emotional and thankful for all the amazing work our NHS staff are doing.

Mr Airey has set you a challenge in the ‘Get moving’ section, check it out and try it, send us your videos.

Did any of you take virtual school trip? Chester Zoo are opening their virtual gates at 10am on Facebook (see if your parents will help you on their Facebook accounts) there are timeslots for different animals, I will certainly be tuning in at 12pm when they show us the Asian elephants.

It’s been a whole week of doing some home learning, please let us know how you have found it. This weekend we will be putting together a new grid for you with lots more tasks and activities. We see many of you have enjoyed looking at artists. I remember how much you enjoyed our project on Van Gogh last year so it’s great to see you exploring some other works of famous artists.

Have any of you started any of the history tasks? Maybe today you could write your letter explaining what you have found out about Hitler. You could pretend you had voted for him and now express your doubts. We would love to read any history research or tasks you have completed.

Well done to all of you for getting through the first week. How are your new teachers? Are they nicer than us?

Stay safe!

Mrs C x