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Welcome to Miss McLeod's Daily Blog!

Welcome to Miss McLeod's Daily Blog! 1

Friday 26th March 2020


Well done to you all, and especially to the parents and carers, for getting through the first week of learning at home! I hope everyone can give their parents and carers a big hug and a ‘thank you’ for all their help they have given you this week.


And a thank you of course to my wonderful class! You have done so much fantastic work this week, not just in terms of the Learning Activities but in completing the Daily Challenges to help around the home, as well as joining in with Joe Wicks in the mornings, and creating some beautiful Art creations of your own. Well done!


I am in school this morning and am hoping the weather stays nice to be outside. I hope you all get a chance to get outside today too. As we finish this week, perhaps you can have a go at our Creative activity to create a dance routine to our favourite song ‘Try Everything’ from the film Zootopia?!  I have also created a new page of ‘Superstar Challenges’ for you to try, perhaps one a day or some may take you more than that to complete! They should be lots of fun, so take a look! I have also uploaded this week’s Spellings to have a look at, and some resources to help learn them. You will also find the second part of our Book Club reading for this week of The Cat in the Hat! I hope you enjoy it! laugh


But most importantly, have a rest this weekend, spend some more quality time with your family. If you feel worried or anxious about everything going on at the moment because of the Coronavirus, have a look at our ‘Help and Support’ page which has some links for you, and for your parents, to have a read through. I will leave you with this quote, which I have found useful this week and I hope you all do too.


I’ll be checking back in on Monday with a new grid of Weekly Activities!

P.s. is anyone having Fri-yay’s Green pizza?!


Lots of virtual hugs, from

Miss McLeod heart




Thursday 26th March 2020


Hello Year 2! Can you believe we have nearly done a whole week of learning at home? I miss you all so much, and it is so wonderful to be receiving your photos and messages about how you are and what you have been getting up to at home. For example, Gabriella has finished her own painting of Van Gogh's 'Fishing Boats' for the Creative activity, Tommy has been working on his 2 times table activities for Maths, Sophie has been exploring her home in search of different materials and their uses for Science, and Amber has been working on her continents poster for Geography! Well done to everyone who is getting on with their home learning. Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see what everyone is up to. But most importantly, it is great to see that you are spending quality time with your families and staying safe. It was lovely to hear from those of you who 'tuned in' to our first virtual Book Club reading of The Cat in the Hat, the next will be uploaded tomorrow! Do have a listen if you haven't had a chance yet. 


So, some of you said that it would be helpful to upload a Spellings Practise today, as Thursday is when we normally do it altogether at school. Therefore, you can find a recording to follow on our Weekly Spellings page ready to go. If you need more time in between each spelling, simply pause it and then press play when you are ready for the next - don't worry about rushing! I will then put up next week's spellings resources tomorrow. 


Perhaps today, with the help of someone at home, you could complete the History activity, focused on our theme of 'Can One Person Change the World?' We are focusing on Malala Yousafzai, who is a young, inspirational campaigner. She campaigns for equal rights to education. Perhaps you could remind yourselves about when we learnt about women having the right to vote, and how unfair we felt it was that women used to not be able to. Well, Malala feels the same about how in some countries, girls don't have the right to go to school. Can you find out three facts about Malala? For example, where did she grow up, what does she campaign about, and where she studies now? We can continue to learn about her as the weeks go on! Here is a Newsround page all about her to start you off! 


I am hoping to spend some time outside today in the garden, as I think the sun is really trying to warm up now! Well done to those of you who helped with the washing up yesterday for Miss McLeod's Daily Challenge! Do keep in touch and send any messages or photos, I will add some photos of what I am up to as well :) 


Miss McLeod's Daily Challenge: Can you help to put some washing on, or hang some clothes up to dry? 


Miss you all, stay safe!

Miss Mc x

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning my lovely Year 2's! I hope you are all okay and are coping with staying at home for much longer than normal. I know it might be quite a worrying time for you and your families, remember I am always here if you want to ask any questions or for any advice. There are useful articles on Newsround to help you too. 


I hope you all have a fun day, and that the activities are going well! I have added a new section of our Class Page today, called 'Year 2's Book Club', because... it is back!! Although we can't be together, I will upload a video of reading a story on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for you to enjoy! Do snuggle up with a blanket and your families, just like we would at school. I have chosen a class favourite to start us off, so head over to the page and see what story it is!! 


I have also added a section for our weekly spellings, and there are some resources that will help you. I plan to upload a recording for our Spelling Practise tomorrow, so you will be able to sit down and do our usual practise as if we were at school. Well done for your hard work practising them so far! 


I went into school yesterday afternoon and it was very strange to be there without you all. We are looking after a small number of children, whose parents have to go into work to help people who are poorly with the virus, and other really important workers such as those who work in our food shops to make sure we can keep going with our day to day lives. The weather has been getting warmer so we spent it mostly outside! I hope you are being able to get out once a day for a daily walk or other exercise. 


Miss McLeod's Daily Challenge: Can you help with the washing up after a meal today?!


Missing you all!

Miss Mc x

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good morning Year 2! Thank you to those of you who sent messages and photos yesterday, please do the same today! I know some of you had problems with some of the online sites going down, I think it was due to the amount of people using them yesterday.

Well done to those of you who tuned in to the 9am Joe Wicks Schools workout! If you didn’t get a chance to, definitely try it today, and if it’s later than the live time the videos are available afterwards too :)

There is also a reading by David Walliams at 11am called 'Elevenses' where he will be reading one of his World's Worst Children stories - here is the link if you want to join in! 

Perhaps today you could focus on the Geography Activity, to research your favourite continent! Show off your fab singing of the Continents Song to your families at home – perhaps teach your brother or sister the lyrics! With the help of someone at home, undertake some research about your continent. Have a look for the National Geographic videos on Youtube and take notes, or use BBC Bitesize to read some articles. Once you have collected some information, can you turn it into a fabulous poster?! Please email me with a photo of your work!

I had a quiet day yesterday doing some work, and also went for a short walk. Today I will be working at home this morning and then going into school this afternoon. I am thinking about what might be useful for you all to have from me, for example would a reading of a story from me help? I am also thinking about recording our usual Spelling Practise for Thursday so that we can all sit at home and do it together then mark it - would this be useful? Let me know what you think with your parents/carers contacting me via the email below! All ideas are welcome!

If it helped yesterday, please have a look below at the suggested routine for the day.

Miss McLeod’s Daily Challenge: can you make, or help to make, breakfast for someone at home this morning?!

Stay safe and I look forward to hearing about your days. Missing you all!

Miss McLeod x 

Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Year 2!

I hope you have all had a restful weekend. You will be waking up today with a very different Monday ahead than normal. I will really miss not seeing your smiling faces at the door this morning! 


On our Class Page, with the help of your parents or carers, you will be able to find this week's Learning Activities grid. Please take some time to have a read through of this today. As you will see, our different subjects are listed along each row, with the week's activities written alongside. 


I advise that you aim to complete at least three activities a day alongside your daily reading and spelling practise. You also have your handwriting booklet, so it would be great to complete one letter per day! 

This is a new way of working for all of us, so if you have any questions about the work or what is available on our Class Page, your parents or carers can email me. All teachers are either in school or working from our homes at different points during the week, so we will always reply during school hours as soon as we can. 


Here is my suggestion for a routine to kick off the week with: 

8am: Be up and dressed, have some breakfast. Choose a non-negotiable activity (see the link on the Class Page) to complete as your Early Bird Work.

9am: Join in with Joe Wick's Live Schools work out - 

9.30am: Choose either a Maths or English activity. 

10.30am: Have a break! Perhaps you could watch today's Newsround. 

10.45am: Choose a different subject activity such as Geography or History to complete. 

11.45am: Lunch hour - just like you normally would at school!


12.45pm: Can you complete a page in your Handwriting book?

1.15pm: Choose a Maths or English activity (the other to what you chose this morning!). 

2pm: Have a break and listen to Julia Donaldson's 'The Smartest Giant in Town' - just as if we were in our Reading Assembly! 

2.30pm: Complete your daily reading with someone at home - would you like to choose your reading book from school or perhaps your Library book? 

2.45pm: Log in to Times Table Rock Stars  using your own username and password (sent out in letters and on Marvellous Me). Make a start with your 2 times table!

3pm: Well done for getting through the first day of learning at home! Now I would suggest you go outside, with someone at home, either in your garden or go for a local walk (following government guidance and keep your distance from others). 


Miss McLeod's Daily Home Challenge! Each day I will suggest a different home activity to complete. Today, could you help your parents/carers with cooking dinner?! I'd love to know what you cook! 


I am always here to help! Stay safe, look after your families and have fun.

Miss McLeod xx