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Year 1


This term is theme is 'EXPLORE'. Our core subjects of Maths and RWI will be taught on a daily basis. 


Our focus subjects in our 'EXPLORE' theme are Science and Geography.


In Science the children will be exploring animals and ways in which to categorise them. We will also be looking at the human body especially our senses.

In Geography we will be finding out about the U.K. We will also be exploring the local area and taking part in field work studies of the area. 


Throughout the 'EXPLORE' topic we will be trying to answer the question: 'How would an alien find Hollybush?' 

The children found a mystery letter from an alien. The children had to use a code to discover what the alien needed. The children had loads of fun doing this and were very excited. This will lead us to begin to answer the question 'How would an alien find Hollybush?'