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Monday 1st June 2020

Monday 1st June 2020

Hi everybody, we hope you had a wonderful weekend in the sun and that some of you managed to see friends and family who you haven't seen for a while, as we are now allowed to have up to six people in our gardens. As you know some children will be returning to school today but only a limited few as we have to follow the instructions of the Government, so don't be alarmed if you aren't able to go yet as your turn will come eventually. We have done so well for a long time now, we have kept well and safe and we don't want to rush in to doing something that isn't sensible.

This is the last half of the summer term and gosh we noticed how much you had all grown when we saw you on Friday. You came in as little tiddlers in September and now you are just so grown up - we are really proud of you all!! We had a fantastic day seeing you all, it really made our day!! We finished, what should have taken a couple of hours from about 11 am, at 5pm!! Maybe Mrs Cracknell and myself talk too much or maybe it's you parents!!!! Who cares - we loved it!

We are writing your school reports at the moment, but maybe we should give them your parents to write, or maybe you should write one for them, that would be funny!! Perhaps you could do that and send it to them on the last day of term!!

Whilst we were out last Friday, we saw Ava and she had made Hetty some dog treats, Hetty loved them, you can see her eating them on her blog!! It was very kind of her and I'm sure Hetty would give her a sloppy lick to say thankyou if she saw her!

The home learning is on the grid, to try and do a little, we know it is getting a bit of a drag after being at home so long, but try hard to keep it up - especially your reading, spellings and times tables!

We will arrange a zoom meeting this week and look forward to seeing you, we miss you so much,

Mrs B x

Oh and don't forget to water the toms!!!!