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Space Explorers!

In Science in the he second half term we will be learning about ’Earth and Space’. Prof Brian Cox is in the process of commissioning a new series of Stargazing programmes aimed at young children and he’s hoping we are willing to help him out. He needs three episodes that cover the planets and solar system; night and day; and the lunar month. We will need to come up with a title for each episode and include practical and clear explanations and demonstrations of the science behind each phenomenon. Are you up for the challenge and do you have what it takes to be a Space Presenter?


Exploring Our Solar System: Planets and Space for Kids - FreeSchool

"We Are the Planets," the Solar System Song by Story Bots (lyrics added)

Living things and their habitats


In Science we will be looking at living things and their habitats. We will be creating an inspirational and informative collection of scientific illustrations on the theme of animal and plant life cycles. Along the way we will develop our mastery of key art skills as you create accurate and eye catching illustrations that tell the life cycle story of a range of nature’s wonders.


How plants and animals reproduce | Biology - Life Lessons

How do plants and animals reproduce? Animals and plants reproduce in many different ways. This clip explores how and why, with the examples of the giant Amazonian water lilly, elephants and seahorses. Subscribe for more biology clips from BBC Teach on Mondays when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like.

Bill Nye the Science Guy S05E06 Life Cycles

Bill Nye the Science Guy S05E06 Life Cycles Bill Nye the Science Guy playlist: Check out all episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy in my chanel. For more Bill Nye the Science Guy, follow us by subscribe. Thank you. Full Episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy tv series.