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Hello From Us!

Hello from Mrs Kenway!

Meet my dog. Her name is Fly but we all call her Mrs Dog. She used to be a sheep dog on a farm, but the people weren’t kind to her so luckily she got rescued and came to live with us. She wasn’t very good as a sheep dog because she’s scared of sheep! But she’s very good as a pet. She’s so happy at the moment because we are all home and she’s getting extra walks. It’s a dog’s life!

Hello from Miss Borgeat!

I love to cook. While we are all spending more time in our homes I am trying to learn some new recipes. Can you see what vegetables I am chopping up here? I would love to hear about any new recipes you are helping your families with at home! 
I've been trying to keep running by going running. Today I saw this amazing street in Bengeo all decorated for VE day. I can't wait to hear about everything you have found out about VE day! 

Hello from Mrs Stokes!

Meet my puppy Bertie, he is nearly one years old and gets up to lots of mischief! He loves to run very fast when we take him out. Make sure like Bertie you are keeping fit and doing some daily exercise. 



Hello from Mrs Butcher!

This is a picture of me and my daughter Emma eating the tasty cakes that we baked together! Yum!