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Year 3

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 3


I hope you have had a lovely summer! I look forward to getting to know the children and there will be lots of learning taking place in our classroom.


Below is a brief outline of this term’s learning and what we will be learning throughout the year.


Autumn Term

the EXPLORE term – focusing on geography and science


Spring term

the DISCOVER term – focusing on history


Summer term

the CREATE term – focusing on art and music


Click here to have a look at our Autumn explore plan


In geography our inquiry question that we will be focusing on is ‘would you rather live in the north or south England?’

Using the atlas, we will be looking at the map of UK and

  • Identify counties and cities around the UK
  • Learn about geographical parts in the UK – hills, mountains, rivers
  • We will focus on our home town (Hertford) and learn about human and physical features

In the second half of this term, we will be looking at the North England and comparing it to South England.


In science, we will be focusing on keeping healthy. We will be looking at humans and animals and discussing their diet, what they need to eat, and the amount they need to eat. We will also be looking at different food groups, discussing what a balanced diet is and create our own model of a balanced meal. To end this topic we will be looking at the human skeleton and finding out about different body parts and bones that help us to move, support and protect us. In the second half of this term we will looking at light and shadow.


In our weekly computing lessons, the children will looking learning about connecting computers and how do digital devices help us. In the second part of this term, we will be looking at animations and try to create our own. In RE this term, the children will be focusing on Christianity. In our weekly PSHE lessons, the children will be learning about families and friendship alongside feels and emotions.


Our core subjects are maths and English which will be taught every day. In Maths, we follow White Rose timetable. In English, we are looking at The Tin Forest book. We will be learning how to write a diary entry, letter writing, and poetry and book reviews. As well as developing their skills and knowledge in English, the children will learn about our environment.


We will have two hours of PE each week. Tuesday afternoon will be led by Matt and on Thursday afternoon it will be taught by Mrs Botterman. Mrs Botterman will also be teaching the children all day on Thursdays and we will have a lovely teaching assistant (Mrs Eley) every day with us.


Click on the links below to see the curriculum maps and knowledge organisers for each subject as well as useful photos and videos that can support your child's progress.