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Wonderful Winter

Week beginning 17th January

This week we learnt all about stars and space. We read lots of books about stars and space including 'How to Catch a Star', 'Whatever Next' and lots of non-fiction books. We worked really hard with our writing this week and wrote a list of the things we would take to space with us. We enjoyed printing using star cutters to create our own starry pictures and used tweezers to catch stars of our own. We ended the week with creating fizzy bath bomb planets. 

Week beginning 10th January

This week we read the story 'The Gruffalo's Child' by Julia Donaldson. We used characters from the story to retell it in our own words. We looked at different animal tracks in the snow from the story and created our own - unfortunately there was no snow so we used mud instead! We found out about how different animals keep warm in the Winter. We learnt that some hibernate, some migrate and some adapt. We finished the week exploring different polar animals in Gelli Baff - we loved it! In Maths we consolidated our learning of finding one more and one less of numbers to 10. We also learnt all about 0!  

Week beginning 5th January

This week we reminded ourselves all about Winter. We thought about how the weather changes in Winter and what we can do to keep warm. We looked at pictures of Winter trees and compared them to what they looked like in Autumn. We used cotton buds and paint to experiment with different ways of painting Winter trees of our own.