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Year 4

EXPLORE Term Overview

Weekly Timetable

Hello Year 4, it's so good to have you back. I hope you had an amazing summer and I can't wait to hear what you've all been up to, I'm sure we'll fit some learning in too! Don't forget that we have a themed curriculum starting with our Geography and Science based EXPLORE theme. Spring term will be our history based DISCOVER term and we will finish with our arty CREATE term in summer.


In our Geography lessons we will be learning all about 'The Americas' and attempting to answer our enquiry question: "Would you rather live in North or South America?" We will be using maps and atlases to identify the locations of the Americas and their natural and man-made features. We will also be looking at how the physical geography of particular locations affect people's lives and conversely how people have affected the landscape as a whole. As part of this unit, we will also be finding out about the water cycle and how water conservation is vital for people in many of the areas we study.


In Science, our first half term will be about living things and their habitats, with a specific focus on how animals adapt when their habitats change. The second half term will see us looking closely at human biology and the digestive system. We will learn about teeth and dental hygiene as well as what happens to food once we have eaten it.


Maths and English will be taking place on a daily basis to focus on the children's core skills which can be applied across the curriculum. We will be looking at a wonderful book called 'The Tin Forest' in English which will develop the children's literacy skills and knowledge as well as helping to develop their environmental awareness. I will be using both Herts Essentials and White Rose to plan our lessons and give the children a firm grasp of the Year 4 maths curriculum through discrete skills and fun activities.


Our Computing lessons in this term will be focused on the internet and audio systems. PSHE will focus on families and relationships and personal wellbeing. These lessons will alternate with RE where we will be comparing and contrasting the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Hinduism. We will have two hours of PE each week with one hour taught by Matt and the other by myself using the fantastic 'Get Set 4 PE' scheme of work.


Click on the links below to see the curriculum maps and knowledge organisers for each subject as well as useful photos and videos that can support your child's progress.