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Week 11

Friday 26th June 2020


Good morning! 

Well here we are, the final home learning blog! Today is our 50th blog! I wonder if any of you have read every one of them? I think you deserve a huge faaaantastic for all of your hard work at home for such a long time (or maybe even the ketchup shake!). Make sure you give your adults at home one too, they are superstars as well! ❤ī¸

I am really excited to see lots of you next week. I bet you’ve all grown so much since I last saw you! We have loads of fun things planned. We will do some Read Write Inc everyday as well as a little bit of Maths and English. We will be spending lots of time outside too, keep your fingers crossed the sunshine stays! 

If you are still home learning, please know that I am still here to support you in any way I can. 😊


That’s it for now I think! Keep an eye out on MarvellousMe for anything you might need to know. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 

Take care and stay safe!

Miss White x

Thursday 25th June 2020


Hello there! 

If you are coming back to school next week, make sure you check MarvellousMe to see which days you are coming! Please email me if you have any questions about coming back. I’m really excited to see so many more of you! ❤ī¸

I hope you all managed to enjoy some of the sunshine yesterday. Hands up if you had ice cream and spent lots of time in your paddling pool?! 🙋đŸŧ‍♀ī¸

What are you plans for today? It’s going to be another beautiful day so make the most of it! Let me know what you get up to. 😊


Stay safe!

Miss White x

Wednesday 24th June 2020


Good morning my lovelies! 


I hope you’ve had a lovely week so far and haven’t melted in the sunshine! It’s going to be another very warm one today so lots of sun cream, water and a sun hat today! â˜€ī¸ 


I’m so pleased to hear we have some more of you coming back to our bubbles next week. School is a little bit different to what it was like last time you were there, so please have a look at this video I made for you all. It’ll really help you to get ready for coming back! We’ve been having so much fun in our bubbles, have a look at some of the things were have been doing in our gallery. đŸ˜Š


I will be ringing a few of you this morning so keep an eye out for me calling. It will be an unknown number so please don’t ignore me!


Have a fantastic day and see or speak to you soon!


Miss White x

Week 10

Friday 19th June 2020


Hey hey hey!


Friday is here again, YAY! 😊


If you haven’t already, you might want to take some time today to make a card for your Dad, or someone else special to you, to give to them on Sunday. There are some lovely ideas here.


Next week I will be ringing again for a 

chat to see how those of you I don’t get to see are doing. I will probably start on Wednesday when I’m not at school, so if there are any times that do or don’t work for you, please let me know. 

Well done for another week of home learning! Get the paddling pool and ice cream ready for next week too, it’s going to be HOT! ☀ī¸ 

Have a brilliant weekend. Miss you lots! ❤ī¸
Miss White x

Thursday 18th June 2020


Good morning Year 1!


It’s Thursday and there is a new spelling recording for you to listen to. There are also new words to practise ready for next week. Let me know how you get on today! 


We are reading a brilliant chapter book together at school. We have really nearly finished it and when we have, I promise to bring it home so I can read it to the rest of you. In the meantime, have a look at Storytime with Nick for some brilliant stories to listen to and watch. đŸ“š 


Have a great day!

Miss White x

Wednesday 17th June 2020


Hello everyone! 

How are you doing? I hope you are all ok! We had a very busy few days at school in my bubble with Mrs Wyles. I don’t know about the children, but us adults were exhausted yesterday from watching everyone work so hard! We also had lots of fun too, like learning how to play football rounders and some sing-a-long Lego challenges. 😊


What have those of you at home been up to? Have you been trying out any home learning activities or maybe you have been spending lots of time in the sunshine? Trying to squeeze a little bit of learning in each day will really help, I know it’s getting tougher and tougher every day now!

Maybe have a look at our English activity today about command sentences. Now is a time you’re allowed to be bossy! There’s some Emoji maths too which is great fun. Let me know how you get on. Also, let me know if there is anything that you would like to learn about or any activities you would like to do, I’m here to help!

Have a great Wednesday and email me with any questions, photos, videos etc!

Miss White x

Monday 15th June 2020


Hello! 👋đŸŧ


The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! Well it's sunny as I'm writing this, hopefully it is still sunny as you read this! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. What did you get up to? 


I can't believe we are on double digits weeks of home learning! That means there is only 5 weeks left until the summer holidays though, you can do it! As it is Monday, a new grid of weekly activities is ready for you to have a go at. Make sure you do some Read Write Inc. this week too! Please keep sending me photos and videos of what you get up to. Even if I am at school, I will make sure I reply when I can. 😊 


That's all from me for now, I will speak to you on Wednesday! Hope you have a super start to the week. Keep smiling, you are all amazing!

Miss White x

Week 9

Friday 12th June 2020


Good morning!


I don’t know about you, but I’m really fed up with this miserable weather now! I’m keeping my fingers crossed today for some sunshine over the weekend! ☀ī¸


Well done for another week of home learning! Now some of us at back at school, we have been doing Read Write Inc each day which we have all loved (my favourite lesson in fact!). I know some of you at home have been watching RWI lessons already but from next week they are adding even more to help at home.


There’s a new video for each lesson every day. They aren’t very long but will make a BIG difference! Here is a little bit about what each lesson is.

Watch them here!


Try and watch a few lessons each week. Focus on the set 3 sounds, hold a sentence 2 and red words 2. Lots of you will be able to give the longer words a go too! Let me know if you have any questions. đŸ˜Š


I hope all have a lovely weekend! Keep an eye out for next week’s grid being uploaded with new activities for you all. âœī¸ 

Stay safe! Miss you all lots!
Miss White x

Thursday 11th June 2020


Hello everyone!


It was lovely to see lots of smiling faces on Zoom yesterday and getting to hear all about what you’ve been up to!

I have uploaded a spelling recording for you to try today, let me know how you get on. Also please keep sending photos or videos of what you have been up to, home learning or other bits! I haven’t heard from some of you for a little while now so would love to today. Thank you to everyone who has sent me bits so far! 😊

I know home learning is getting tougher and tougher now, but keep going, just a tiny bit a day will really help you for when it is time for us to be back in school together. Some Numbots or Times Table Rockstars are some great ways to keep your Maths going, and it feels like playing at the same time!


Have a lovely Thursday and make sure you keep in touch! 

Miss White x

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning you lovely lot! đŸ‘‹đŸŧ


Well I was wrong about the weather getting better over the weekend wasn’t I? It was miserable! Luckily it has brightened up for the past couple of days. Not so great news, it’s meant to be another rainy few days coming up... Perfect weather for getting your wellies on and jumping in some puddles though! â˜”ī¸ 


I hope you are all ok and have had a good week so far. How is your home learning going? What have you done so far this week? English? Maths? Maybe some of you have recreated Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting?! Do let me know what you’ve been up to and if there is anything you need from me to help. đŸ˜Š


There are lots of important things going on around the world at the moment and you may know something about these if you have been watching the news. To help you understand some more, Newsround have created a special programme all about racism. I’d really like you to watch it today if you can. You might want to watch it with an adult to help you with any questions you might have. Adults and children, please do let me know anything you’d like some help with or anything you’d like to share. 

Hopefully today I will to see as many of you as possible on Zoom at 10. I’ll send you a reminder of the details again in a minute! 


I think that’s it for now so have a great day and hopefully see or speak to you soon! 

Miss White x

Week 8

Friday 5th June 2020


Hello hello!


It’s Friday, yay! Well done everyone for another marvellous week. Whether you have been at home or at school, I know you have all been superstars. ⭐ī¸ 

The weather is looking a bit grey today but fingers crossed it will brighten up for us all to enjoy over the weekend. What are you plans for the weekend? Are any of you seeing some more family or friends now we are allowed to spend some socially distanced time with more people? Let me know what you get up to!


The NSPCC are holding a Speak Out, Stay Safe assembly today with some familiar faces! You can watch it here.


I will MarvellousMe you Zoom details in a moment for next Wednesday 10th at 10am. Hope you can join us! 

I’m back in school on Monday so I will speak to you all again on Wednesday’s blog. Keep an eye on MarvellousMe for any messages in the meantime. 😊


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe! 
Miss White x

Thursday 4th June 2020


Hey there!


How are you? I can’t believe it is Thursday already, this week seems to be zooming by! Talking of Zoom, shall we do one next Wednesday? I will send you the details on MarvellousMe in the next few days. 

Today I have uploaded some new spellings for you. I will do them every Thursday now instead of Wednesday. When you practise your new spellings, you might want to add some extra bonus questions of spellings you have learnt before, just to check you remember them still.


Some of you are having your first day back at school today. I’m very excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it! đŸ˜Š


Whether you are at home or at school, I hope you have a great day. Keep in touch!


Miss White x

Wednesday 3rd June 2020




I hope you’ve had a great start to your week! I certainly did, it has been so lovely to be back in school with some of you. đŸ˜Š


What have the rest of you been up to so far this week? Have you done some home learning? I know it’s been a very long time at home now but trying to do a little bit of home learning every day will really help to keep your brains growing. 

Make sure you READ, READ and READ! Reading is a super important skill to keep practising. We gave you all some new books last week and there’s loads online to read here. Just a tiny bit a day will go a long way! đŸ“š 


Since my last blog, our gallery is full of amazing pizza pictures! Please send me your photos if you haven’t already! Also keep sending me photos of what you get up to every day, they really make me smile. 

Have a brilliant Wednesday!

Miss White x

Monday 1st June 2020


Good morning Year 1!


Wow, I’m still smiling from Friday! I hope you enjoyed seeing us, we absolutely loved seeing you! â¤ī¸


I’m very impressed with the pizzas you have made. Have a look in our gallery for some photos. If you haven’t sent me your photos yet, please do along with anything else you would like to share from your half term. đŸ˜Š


Now onto this week... As it is Monday, there is a new weekly grid for you with lots of activities to do. Also today some of us are going back to school, eeek!

For those of you at home, there will be a few changes now I am back at school on Monday and Tuesday each week. These days I might not be doing a blog (apart from today!) but I will still upload new weekly activities every Monday and let you know of things via MarvellousMe. We will try and fit in a Zoom for everyone too each week, probably starting from next week, I will let you know! 


I would still LOVE to hear from you all on the days I am at school so please do keep your messages and photos coming, I might just take a little longer to reply! If you have anything urgent, please send an email to the office who will be able to help. 


If you are at home today, I hope you have a great start to the week! If you are coming to school, see you soon! â˜€ī¸


Miss White x

Week 7

Friday 22nd May 2020


Good morning Year 1! 

I can’t believe it’s Friday again already! This Friday is extra special though because it’s not just the end of another week, but it’s also the start of half term! Yay! 

As it is half term, there won’t be a new weekly grid on Monday for you but there may be two familiar faces paying you a doorstep visit one day... More details to follow soon!


Today it is Gretel’s birthday, happy birthday Gretel! đŸŽ‚ 


Have a great half term everyone! Take care and stay safe! ❤ī¸

Miss White x

Thursday 21st May 2020


Hello hello! 

Well I think I melted a little bit yesterday, it was so hot! I hope you all managed to safely enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine. It’s looking like another lovely day so try and get outside if you can! ☀ī¸

I know lots of you are feeling a bit fed up with being at home all the time now. Maybe today is a day to try something new? This could be helping with a job at home you don’t usually do, or maybe doing some home learning a bit differently? Instead of writing with a pencil on paper, why not try writing with some water and a paintbrush on the wall or floor (outside of course)! Let me know if you’d like any other ideas! 

Whatever you choose today I hope you have a happy day because being happy is what matters most! 

Keep being amazing! ❤ī¸
Miss White x

Wednesday 20th May 2020



It’s looking a like a very sunny and warm Wednesday so make sure you have sun cream and a sun hat on today! I know lots of you have been spending time in your paddling pools or going on walks to make the most of the lovely weather! â˜€ī¸ 


Maybe you could take some of your learning outside today. One of our creative activities uses the sun to help you draw, have a look here! Or maybe you’d like to think about what season you would like for a whole year! I wonder if you can guess what mine would be? 


Mrs Quinton and I are really looking forward to seeing you on Zoom very soon. After Zoom I will be ringing some more of you so have your phones ready. đŸ˜Š


Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and I look forward to hearing all about your day later! 


Take care and stay safe, Miss White x

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Good morning everyone! 

I hope you had a good start to the week. I definitely did because it was so lovely to speak to lots of you yesterday. I can’t wait to speak to more of you today! 

In fact, today it is Ruby’s birthday! Happy Birthday Ruby! 🎂

Have any of you made a start on any of the kindness activities for Mental Health Awareness Week? You can find out some more about what that means and the importance of kindness on Newsround

I will send out the Zoom details for tomorrow a little bit later today on MarvellousMe so keep an eye out! 


Have a great day everyone and I hope you can enjoy some sunshine! ☀ī¸

Speak to some of you soon! Miss White x

Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning! â˜€ī¸


I hope you enjoyed your weekend! It’s a new week so let’s all start afresh by having a positive day. There are some activities this week for Mental Health Awareness Week focusing on kindness which might get you off to a good start! đŸ˜Š


I’ve also uploaded a new weekly grid for you all with lots of different activities. I know lots of you are animal lovers so this week one of your activities is to create a new animal! You need to think about what your animal looks like, what it is called, where it lives plus lots more. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! đŸĻ 


I will be ringing you all at some point this week for a little catch up. I will be calling again from an unknown/hidden number so please don’t ignore me! I’m really looking forward to speaking to you all, it feels like ages since I’ve heard your voices properly.


I’ll set up another Zoom for us on Wednesday at 10am and will send you all the details tomorrow. If you have any ideas of any new games we could play, let me know! 


Speak to you soon! Miss White x

Week 6

Friday 15th May 2020


Happy Friday Year 1! đŸ˜Š


Well done for another week at home! You and your adults at home really are doing so well. I know it’s tough but you’ve got this! My sticker drawer in the classroom hasn’t been used in a while so I’m sending you lots of virtual smelly stickers to say a huge well done and to make you smile! I know you love them! â¤ī¸


Next week I will be ringing you all again for a little chat to see how you and your adults at home are and hear about what you’ve been up to. If there are any times that do or don’t work for you, please let me know. 


I’m off to school now for the morning! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! Ooh and remember that today is the last day for A Million Dreams bits to be sent in! 


Stay safe everyone and keep being amazing!

Miss White x

Thursday 14th May 2020


Hello Year 1! 

It was fantastic to see lots of you again on Zoom yesterday and some new faces too which was lovely! Like I said at the end of our Zoom, I hope you are all being on your best behaviour at home and have got those listening ears switched on! đŸ˜Š


What are you plans for today? Lots of you are spending time outside which is great! The weather looks like it is getting sunnier and warmer over the next few days so today might be a good day to think about how to stay safe in the sun and design your poster or video to tell others. â˜€ī¸ 


Don’t forget to send something for A Million Dreams to by tomorrow


Missing you all lots, stay safe! 

Miss White x

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Hello everyone! 

Nearly half way through another week! Every day you continue to amaze me. It’s so lovely to see you working hard but also enjoying yourselves! Remember our home learning activities are my ideas, I know not all of you will fancy doing all of them so any other activities you do are great too! Yesterday Toby went collecting leaves and sorted then into different types, such a brilliant idea! Well done Toby! ⭐ī¸ Do have a look around our gallery to see what else your friends have been up to! 

Well done to all of you who sent in a video for A Million Dreams last week. Unfortunately it wasn’t everyone so it has been changed a little bit. You all should have received an email from Mrs Noon with a couple more things you can do if you didn’t want to do a video. You can now send in a photo of yourself holding a message for everyone or you can send in a video of you singing or dancing to the song. You have until this Friday (15th) to send whatever you choose in to Any questions, let me know! 😊


It’s nearly time for Zoom again! I sent the details out to you all on MarvellousMe me yesterday and I’ll send them again in a minute if you missed them. This week you will need a piece of paper and something to write with for our game.


Hope to see you there at 10! Miss White x


P.S. A few technical problems with the spellings this week but I’ll sort it as soon as I can after Zoom!

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Morning! 😊


How did the new week start for you? I had a bit of a forgetful start because I totally forgot to sort out another Zoom for this week! Luckily Chloe reminded me yesterday, thanks Chloe! We still have a day to go so I will send out the details on MarvellousMe right after I’ve finished this blog. Hopefully we’ll see lots of you again at 10am tomorrow (that’s Wednesday, I think!). 


I did manage to do another story for you though! Have a look here. đŸ“š 


Today you might fancy learning a new skill from the 30 day life skills challenge or maybe you would like to learn a new language! Oak National Academy have a lesson today about learning how to say the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. There’s also other Spanish lessons about numbers, introducing yourself and saying your age. Give one a go if you fancy it! 


Okay I’m sending out the Zoom details right now! Have a great day everyone and please keep in touch! 


Speak to you soon, Miss White x

Monday 11th May 2020


Hey everyone!


How are you? I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. For VE Day on Friday, we decorated our house with some home made bunting and had a little tea party in the sun. On Saturday I went on a long, hilly bike ride and my legs are still sore now! What did you get up to? Let me know! 


Also, it was Archie’s birthday yesterday, Happy Birthday Archie! đŸŽ‚


It’s a new week so there’s new activities for you to have a go at. I wonder what you will choose to do today? Maybe you’d like to start the week off by making some music (sorry parents!) or have a watch of Zog to help you begin some of the English activities. 


Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a great start to the week! Remember to keep in touch with any questions or anything you’d like to share. đŸ˜Š


Take care everyone, Miss White x

Week 5

Friday 8th May 2020


Good morning!

It’s Friday again, yay! A massive well done for making it through another week!

This is an extra special Friday because it is VE Day. If you haven’t already, make sure you have a look at this Newsround article to find out some more about VE Day. đŸ‡Ŧ🇧

What are you planning today? I know some of you are having a social distancing street party which sounds brilliant! Have you made some burning or flags to decorate your house with? Make sure you send me lots of photos of what you get up to! Also don’t forget to join in with the 2 minute silence at 11am to remember everyone who was involved in World War 2. 

If school was open, we would’ve had an extra day off today because it’s a bank holiday! So you can all have a long weekend starting right now! 😊

Take care everyone and stay safe! 
Miss White x

Thursday 7th May 2020




Yesterday I went for a walk and saw a baby fox! It was a little bit too far away to take a proper photo to show you and I definitely didn’t want to scare it by going closer, but here is a bit of a blurry, zoomed in one! Can you spot it? đŸĻŠ 

Well done to everyone who sent in a video for A Million Dreams yesterday. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll make us so proud for giving it a go by tomorrow! Make sure send your video to 


Tomorrow is VE Day. It is a very special day because it is 75 years since World War 2 ended in Europe. Newsround have lots of information for you about VE Day, I know lots of you love learning about the past and using your enquiring minds. Have you had a go at any of the History activities yet ready for tomorrow? Are any of you planning anything special to celebrate? Let me know! 


I’m off to school in a minute for the morning but will look forward to catching up with you soon! Have a great Thursday everyone! â˜€ī¸


Miss White x

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Hello everyone! 😊


It’s Wednesday which means it’s Zoom day! Last week we had just over half of you join us, it would be great to see some more of you at 10! I sent all of the details out on MarvellousMe yesterday. (Pssst, it’s also spelling day!)


Have any of you had a go at presenting your own weather forecast yet? I’d love to see you give it a go. It’s doesn’t have to be very long or complicated! Keeping with the weather, there’s a lesson today on Oak National Academy all about how the trees change across the different seasons. It might help you with your other Geography activity this week! 


Guess which class has sent the most videos so far for A Million Dreams? YEAR 1! Well done everyone, the ones I have seen are incredible! Please please please keep sending them, we can’t let anyone else overtake us! You don’t have to do the whole of our part, just a few words of it would be lovely too! ❤ī¸


See you soon on Zoom! Miss White x

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Good morning! 

I hope you had a marvellous Monday! It was great to see photos and videos of so many of you already having a go at our new activities, well done! I’m also very impressed to see some more ‘A Million Dreams’ videos. I know it’s quite a tricky part to do but remember you don’t have to do it all, just a little bit is fine! 

Today you might want to have a go at editing these sentences just like we do in Read Write Inc. I know all of you in my group love it when I get things wrong, so now it is your turn to show me how to use capital letters and full stops! This is a video to help you remember when we need to use them.

How are you getting on with Read Write Inc by the way? I know lots of you are watching the live videos every day which is amazing! Is there anything else you would find useful? There are some bits here but do let me know if there’s anything else you might like. 


It’s Dolly’s birthday today! Happy birthday Dolly! 🎂 


I hope you are all ok and have a lovely day!

Stay safe, Miss White x

Monday 4th May 2020


Hello you wonderful bunch!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! What did you get up to? The rain (just about) disappeared so it was nice to be able to get outside again without getting wet and muddy. Not so nice that the caterpillars were still raining down from the trees! 


As it’s Monday, there is another new weekly activity grid with lots of things for you to try. There’s an extra page this week with some information and activities for VE Day which is on Friday. đŸ‡Ŧ🇧 What will you choose to start you week off with?


Don’t forget to send your A Million Dreams videos to I’ve been lucky enough to see a couple you’ve sent to me and they are amazing so far! I really hope everyone in Year 1 will have a go! 


I didn’t hear from some of you last week so please try and email me at to just check in to say if you are ok! Also as always, do keep in touch with what you get up to, if you have any questions or if you need anything.


Have a lovely day, Miss White x


P.S. I’ll be sending out Zoom details later so please let me know if you’d like to join us on Wednesday at 10am. đŸ˜Š

Week 4

Friday 1st May 2020


Good morning! 


IT’S FRIDAY! Well done to everyone (adults too) for making it through another week! You are all amazing! đŸ˜Š


I hope you all managed to stay dry in the crazy rain we had yesterday afternoon! Luckily we made it back inside just in time at school! Did anyone spot any rainbows? I’m hoping the sun will be back to stay soon, I don’t like the rain!


Today is the 1st of May which means it’s time to start your weather diary! Use the weather symbols/pictures you have drawn to record the weather each day. Does the weather stay the same all day or does it change? Can you look at the weather forecast on the telly or internet to see if what they predict is right? You can use the weather forecast to record the temperature too!


There are some brilliant new videos in our gallery, thank you boys! Make sure you have a watch and send me any videos or photos you’d like adding. Has anyone else done their name workout yet? Or maybe you have learnt a new skill you’d like to show everyone! 


Have a lovely weekend and keep staying safe! 

Miss you lots, Miss White x

Thursday 30th April 2020


Hello hello hello!


It was SO lovely to see so many smiling faces yesterday on Zoom. Me and Mrs Quinton loved it and hope you did too! â¤ī¸ We will do another one next Wednesday 6th May at 10am and we would love you all to join us! Email me and I will send you the details.


Did you all see my message yesterday about something exciting the whole of Hollybush are doing? I know lots of you love The Greatest Showman and it would be amazing to see you all getting involved. The teachers are doing it too! When you have recorded your video, remember to send it to by Friday 8th May.


I was looking at Numbots and Times Tables Rockstars yesterday and was so impressed to see how many of you are using them. Well done! Here are a couple more maths games that you might want to try; Hit the Button and Daily 10.


I’m going to do some baking tomorrow. After last week’s flapjack disaster, do you have any ideas what I could make? Let me know!


I’m in school this afternoon but I will really look forward to catching up with you after. Have a lovely day everyone! 😊


Stay safe, Miss White x


P.S. There’s a new story for you! 

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Hello everyone! 


Me and Mrs Quinton are really looking forward to seeing lots of your lovely faces this morning on Zoom! If you can’t make it today, don’t worry because I’m sure we will do another one soon.


When we’ve finished on Zoom, I wonder what you will get up to? Maybe you could have a go at guessing these riddles and then write a new one about a book character. Make sure you send it to me so I can guess who you’ve written about! âœī¸ 


Today I have also uploaded two spelling quizzes for you, one for the Year 1 words and one for the Year 2 words. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all right today. This is the first time we have ever done this so as long as you give it a go, that still makes you a star! â­ī¸ Under the voice recordings I’ve also added the next 10 words for you to have a try at learning. 


Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

See and speak to you soon, Miss White x

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Good morning! đŸ˜Š


It looks like you might need your coat and wellies if you go outside today. â˜”ī¸ If you want to stay in the dry, have a look at some of these indoor activities to keep you busy.

Sticking with the weather, maybe you could draw your weather symbols for our Geography activity today, or maybe you could do another rainbow experiment. The ‘fruity sweets’ (aka Skittles) one looks like fun! đŸŒˆ 


How is your daily exercise going by the way? Are you still joining in with Joe Wicks every day or would you like to try something new? Maybe have a go at a few GoNoodle videos to get you moving! 


Ooh and how are you getting on with practising your spellings for our first quiz tomorrow? I hope you’re nearly ready!


For those of you that have asked to join our Zoom tomorrow morning, I’ve emailed you all with the details. If you haven’t yet and would like to join the Zoom, it’s not too late, just email me!


Enjoy your day, let me know what you get up to and keep being brilliant!

Miss White x

Monday 27th April 2020


Hello Year 1! 👋đŸŧ


How was your weekend? On Sunday I went for a walk in the woods near me and saw some beautiful bluebells.

But there was a problem while we were there, it was raining caterpillars! Well not quite raining but they were hanging and falling from trees all over us! đŸ› Have any of you seen any bluebells or caterpillars on any of your daily walks? 


One of our science activities for this week was inspired by all of the caterpillars I saw. Have a look at our new weekly grid to see what other activities there are for you! 


I’ve set up a Zoom chat for us all on Wednesday 29th at 10am. It would be really lovely to see as many of you as possible because me and Mrs Quinton miss you so much! Zoom if you’re not sure, is just like a big group FaceTime, you just need a phone, tablet or laptop/computer with a camera and microphone. If you’d like to join or have any questions, email me and I will send you the details.


Have a great Monday everyone, make sure you let me know what you get up to!


Take care, Miss White x

Week 3

Friday 24th April 2020


Good morning! 😊


A huge well done for making it through your first week back! I know that it is tricky to do school things at home but I’m really proud of you all for giving it a go, you are all superstars! 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me lovely photos and videos this week. It’s great to see all of your smiling faces! Have a look at our gallery to see what your friends have been up to.


Talking of friends, there’s a lovely lesson on BBC Bitesize today about being a good friend. We might not be seeing our friends at the moment but we still need to remember how important being a good friend is! Have any of you been using the new lessons from BBC Bitesize and/or Oak National Academy? If you have, I would love to know what you think of them so I can see what we can use from them next week!


In case you haven’t seen it, I uploaded a new story yesterday for you. Remember to let me know if there are any stories you would like me to read and I’ll do my best to find the book. 📚 


It looks like we are in for another sunny day and weekend, lucky us! So for today’s challenge, I hope you all manage to enjoy the sunshine and have a well deserved rest over the weekend! ☀ī¸ 

Missing you lots! Miss White x

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Hello hello! 


Lots of you have beautiful rainbow pictures in your windows for everyone to see but how about growing your own rainbow? Have a go at this for today’s challenge! I’d love to see pictures or videos of you giving it a go. Here is the start of mine that I did yesterday! đŸŒˆ 

I haven’t read you a story in a while so I will make sure there is one for you later today! If you are looking for some reading books to read at home, remember to have a look here for Read Write Inc books and here for lots of other fantastic ones. If you aren’t sure which age/level to have a look at, email me! 


Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with photos, messages and questions this week. Remember, if there is anything you need, I am here to help. 


Here’s to another sunny day! 

Take care, Miss White x

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Hello there! 


So yesterday I made some flapjacks... They tasted good but I won’t post a photo on here because some of them were a little bit, erm, crispy... đŸ™ˆ I’m so happy to hear that your home learning and the things you have been up to are more successful than mine! 


I know you are really missing seeing your friends so next week I am going to try a Zoom chat with you all (I know this may be chaos)! Mrs Quinton is going to join us too! I will send out more details later in the week so keep an eye out on the blog and MarvellousMe.


Today I have added a new section to our class page, Spelling. Each Wednesday, I will upload a list of 10 Year 1 common exception words for you to have a look at (I will also upload 10 Year 2 common exception words for those of you that are working on them). You have the week to practise your list before I upload a spelling quiz the following Wednesday for you to see how you’ve done! âœī¸ 

Today’s challenge you can do inside or outside. I would like you to go on a scavenger hunt using your five senses. Here is a checklist you can use to help your hunt. Remember to tidy things away after!

I hope you all have another great day in the sunshine. Make sure you keep in touch! 

Stay safe, Miss White x

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good morning everyone! 


How was your first day back? Don’t worry if it felt hard to get back into the routine of home learning, that’s totally normal on day one when we are at school after a holiday! Today is a new day and the sun is shining again, let’s all make it a terrific Tuesday! 😊


Even my brain wasn’t switched back on yesterday morning because I forgot to set you a daily challenge! So today I would like you to get your brains AND your body warm for the new term, can you do some exercise? There are some indoor suggestions here, or if you can get outside to do some (following the rules), that’s great too! 


Another brilliant new resource that has been released to help us with home learning are daily lessons on BBC Bitesize. Today there is one all about the UK, I know you will all be fantastic at it! I have also updated the Read Write Inc page with some new resources. Have a go at the speedy green words for the colour books you read at home (you might want to try the previous colour first to get your brain warmed up). How quickly can you read the words? Good luck! 


It was so lovely to speak to lots of you on the phone yesterday and hear how you all are. If I didn’t manage to catch you, I will be ringing again today so please listen out for your phone.


I hope you all have a great day and I look forward to catching up with you via email or phone! Miss White x

Monday 20th April 2020


Hello Year 1! đŸ‘‹đŸŧ


It’s the start of the summer term and the sun is shining for us! â˜€ī¸ I hope you all managed to enjoy some of the sunshine we had over our Easter holidays, and that you have all kept safe and have carried on being amazing! My time was mostly spent outside and eating lots of chocolate (not at the same time, the sun would have melted it)! 


It was Baylea’s and Finley’s birthdays over the Easter holiday, and it is Katie’s birthday today, happy birthday to you all! đŸŽ‚


I hope your brains are ready to be switched back on because I have uploaded a new weekly activities grid with some things for you to have a go at. I have also updated the Useful Resources page with some more bits, including the Oak National Academy. This has been set up by the government to help you with your home learning. They have a lesson for Year 1 about Andy Goldsworthy, maybe you could give that a go today to help with your creative activity on our weekly grid. 


At some point this week I will be ringing you all for a little chat to see how you are. The call might come up as an unknown/hidden number so please don’t ignore me if you see that! I might hear your voices a LOT at school, but I’m really looking forward to hearing them again after a month of much quieter days!


In the meantime, please email me if you have any questions, anything you need and if there’s anything you’d like to share! đŸ˜Š


Have a marvellous Monday! Take care everyone, Miss White x

Easter Holidays

Thursday 9th April 2020


Hello everyone! đŸ˜Š


How are you? I hope you are all ok and have been enjoying your Easter holidays so far! What have you all been up to? 


The weather has been so lovely so I have been spending as much time as I can out in the garden or going on a walk around where I live. 


I sat in sunshine yesterday to read another story for you to enjoy. Thank you to James for the suggestion - I’ve never read this book before and really enjoyed it! Next time I will wear my sunglasses to stop me squinting instead of having them on my head! đŸ“š 


I’ve also had a go at one of the Easter recipes I posted for you. Have you tried any yet? I might have chosen one of the easiest (ooops) but they tasted yummy! đŸ˜‹

Sticking with the chocolate theme, here is one of our favourite poems to make you smile. I hope none of you are as cheeky as Michael Rosen is! đŸĢ 

Chocolate Cake By Michael Rosen

Take care everyone and stay safe!
Speak to you soon, Miss White x

Week 2

Friday 3rd April 2020


Good morning you lovely lot! 


Because you have worked so hard with your learning at home, made me and your adults super proud, and are all just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING... You can have two weeks off! â­ī¸


These two weeks are for having a rest and doing the things you love. I think I will spend some time watching some films and reading some books. I will make sure I get some fresh air every day, even if it is raining! Ooh and of course, eat some Easter eggs! đŸĢ 


Please do still keep in touch with what you get up to. I won’t reply straight away but I would really love to see what you have been doing and I know your friends would too when our Easter holidays are finished.


Stay safe, eat lots of chocolate and have a very well deserved break. I will think of you all every day! â¤ī¸


Miss White x


P.S. Today’s challenge is to give yourselves a 2pm home time just like the end of term at school! X

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Morning! đŸ˜Š


Thank you to everyone who has given me some ideas about what to bake today. I’m ready to go with my first one so I will show you all later (if it looks edible, don’t get your hopes up)! 

I have uploaded some ideas about how to practise your amazing Hollybush Handwriting at home here - scroll right to the bottom. Have a go today and blow me away with how beautiful it looks! I’ll have to show it to some other teachers just like we did at school if it’s that good!

Don’t forget there’s lots of ideas on our weekly grid for you to have a go at too - I love seeing pictures of your fantastic work, I miss it! Will you do some maths or writing, an experiment or maybe something creative today?


Today’s challenge is to go on a little scavenger hunt. Can you find something in your house or your garden in each different colour of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple? đŸŒˆ 


Remember it’s Fancy Dress Friday tomorrow with Joe Wicks, join in if you can!


Have a lovely Thursday and keep in touch, Miss White x

Wednesday 1st April 2020




Did anyone see the sky turn green and the grass turn blue yesterday? It was amazing! I can’t wait to see what will happen this month now we have left March behind and today is the 1st of April! đŸ˜‰



I’m super impressed to see that so many of you are keeping up with Joe Wicks every day. If you are looking for a different way to exercise, maybe try a Cosmic Kids Yoga video or one from GoNoodle today! đŸ’ƒđŸŧ


Just like doing Joe Wicks for PE, not all learning happens with a pencil in your hand and a piece of paper in front of you. Lots of you have been busy baking so far which is a great learning experience too! Your delicious looking goodies have given me the idea to do the same - do you have any suggestions about what I could bake tomorrow? đŸ˜‹


Keeping with this, today’s challenge is to help an adult with jobs around your house. You might help them tidy or clean, you might help them in the kitchen or you might help in the garden. I know ALL of you are so helpful at home already but your adults have helped you SO much with home learning, we need to make sure we are helping them too!


Whatever you choose to do today, enjoy and keep in touch! 

Miss White x

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hello everyone! đŸ‘‹đŸŧ


I hope you all had a great start to the new week. I know lots of you have made a start on this week’s activities already which is great, well done! It’s lovely to see you so enthusiastic about your learning. 


Today I have uploaded a new story on the ‘Story Time’ page for you. I hope you enjoy it! I don’t have a huge collection of books at home but if there are any stories you’d really like me to read, let me know and I’ll see what I can do! đŸ“š


I’m sure that some of you will have read your school books by now. Don’t forget to look here and here for more books to read online. Let me know if you’re not sure what to choose! 


I’m also really impressed with how some of you have been using Numbots and/or Times Tables Rockstars so far (I can see when you have been on it!). If you have access to the internet, try and have a go for today’s challenge! I have your log in details so email me if you need them. If you can’t access the internet, don’t worry, any kind of maths today would be brilliant!


As always, keep in touch if you need anything or want to share the things to have been up to, I love hearing from you!

Now I’m off to join in with Joe Wicks! Miss White x

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning Year 1! 


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and you and your adults all had a very well deserved rest! Over the weekend I went on a walk every afternoon around where I live. It was great to get some fresh air although yesterday was a bit of a challenge in the wind! Can you spot the goldfish in the pond I passed? 

I am still absolutely amazed at all the things you got up to last week! This morning I have uploaded some new weekly activities for you to have a go at. These are ideas from me but if there is something you really want to learn about, email me and I’ll see what I can do to help! 


Today’s challenge is to draw a picture of yourself, your family or friends, or maybe your teachers! But there’s a catch... You need to do it blindfolded or with your eyes closed! I’d love to see what your pictures look like! I’ll have a go too and send you all a photo later! âœī¸ 


It’s also Chloe’s birthday today, Happy Birthday Chloe! đŸŽ‚


As always, please stay in touch and remember I am here for the good bits but also if you have any questions or need any support. I will be at school this afternoon but I will really look forward to catching up with you all after!


Have a good day, Miss White x

Week 1

Friday 27th March 2020


Morning morning morning! 


IT’S FRIDAY! You have made it through your first week! Children and adults, you are all amazing. Thank you! â¤ī¸


Today I would like you to think about all the things you have been up to this week. Now choose your favourite memory, maybe an activity you have done, a game you have played, a time you have spent with your family, anything! Then write a sentence about the memory you choose and remember to use because to explain why. ‘My favourite memory of my first week is ... because ...’ and draw a picture to go with your sentence. 


I’m missing seeing your beautiful Hollybush handwriting you all have worked so hard on recently so I would really love for you to send me a photo of your work! (Adults, maybe you could have a go at this too to share with your children).


You may have already noticed a new section on our Year 1 class page, ‘Story Time’. I’m not about to become a YouTube superstar but I have managed to work out how to record and upload a video of me reading for you (much harder than it looks!). Every few days I will upload a new story and the first one is there for you now. I’ll let you know as I add some more, enjoy! đŸ“š


Hope you have a well deserved rest this weekend! Take care and speak to you soon! Miss White x

Thursday 26th March 2020


Good morning! 


Can you believe we have nearly finished our first week? You are all making me so proud! I know you are making your adults at home proud too by the incredible messages and photos I’m so lucky to keep being sent, keep it up you superstars! â­ī¸


It’s been really lovely to see photos of so many of you enjoying being outside in the beautiful sunshine we have had this week. So today’s challenge is to do something outside, absolutely anything! (Please make sure you follow the Prime Minister’s rules and do this safely). You could go for a walk, eat your lunch outside, do one of our weekly activities outside, look for some wildlife, absolutely anything you want! Can’t wait to see what you choose to do! â˜€ī¸


I’m in school this afternoon with Mr Mallick and Mr Millard (the second) so I will really look forward to seeing your messages when we finish! 

My email address is if you haven’t used it already.


Enjoy your Thursday everyone! Miss White x

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello there! đŸ˜Š


It’s Wednesday morning so that means it is usually time for all of you in my Read Write Inc group to beat me at ‘Jump In’! I hope you’ve all be reading lots while you’ve been at home and watching some of the online Read Write Inc lessons too, there are new ones every day on here.


Our class gallery is beginning to have lots of brilliant pictures in it now. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me something so far. Keep them coming, they are really making me smile! Make sure you have a look at it today to see what your fabulous friends have been up to. 


Yesterday I went for a walk in the sunshine around where I live (making sure I listened to the Prime Minister’s rules when I was out) and saw lots of beautiful rainbow pictures in people’s windows. They really cheered me up! Have you made one for your window yet? I would love to see it if you have. I’m going to make one for my window later. I’ll send you all a photo when it is finished! đŸŒˆ


Today’s challenge is a bit of a chilly one... Can you find a small toy, put it in some water and put it in the freezer? When the water has frozen and turned to ice, see how you can get the toy back out. You might want to freeze a few toys separately and use a few ideas to see which way works best to free the toy! Good luck! 


Speak to you soon! Miss White x

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Morning everyone!


It was so lovely to hear from some of you yesterday and see the brilliant things you have been up to at home. I think you all need to give yourselves and your amazing adults a great big faaaaantastic for your first day! đŸ‘đŸŧ


It was also brilliant to hear that so many of you joined in with Joe Wicks’ PE online. I hope you joined in this morning too! I did and need a nap now, it was exhausting! Don't worry if you can't join in at 9am every day, you can catch up on them here.


Yesterday afternoon we would have usually had our reading assembly, so today’s challenge is to read or listen to any Julia Donaldson book you might have at home. Don’t worry if you don’t have any, there’s plenty of them to listen to and join in with on YouTube! Will you read the Gruffalo, Room on a Broom, maybe the Smartest Giant in Town? Maybe you could get some fresh air and enjoy a story outside if you have a safe space to do so. I would love to hear what you choose! đŸ“š 


Adults, I know that some of you are not yet signed up to MarvellousMe. I will be using this to send messages over the coming weeks so it would be great for you all to see them. If you need your details to sign up, please email me.


Have a great day everyone whatever you get up to! Keep in touch, Miss White x

Monday 23rd March 2020


Hey everyone! đŸ‘‹đŸŧ


Well this is a little bit different to our normal Monday morning! I’m going to really miss seeing your faces today and every day! 


I’m at school this morning with a few of the other teachers, looking after the children of key workers. They are adults who the Prime Minister has told to keep working hard to help keep us all healthy and safe. â­ī¸


Each day I will set you a different challenge on this blog. Today, I would really love to see what you are all up to on your first day at home. Please email me with some pictures that I can add to our class gallery - it is very empty at the moment! â˜šī¸


Please also take time today to have a look around the different pages I have created for you on here. If you have any questions, please email them to me too.


Keep an eye out each morning for another update! Miss White x