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Wednesday 3rd May 2020

Wednesday 3rd May 2020

Hi Year 3,

How are you all?

This is my first blog this week, so the first time I have spoken to you since our doorstep deliveries. I must just say (even though Mrs B has already said it) that Friday was such a great day. Mrs B and I had so much fun seeing you all, our faces hurt from smiling, it really was the best. Thank you for all being so amazing and chatting with us, we hope you liked your presents.

This week, we have set you a topic of the Ancient Egyptians. I have found some more bits that might be of interest to you. BBC Bitesize have some information and video clips that you might find useful. Also, The National Museum of Scotland have provided some games where you can dress an Egyptian. Learn to decode Egyptian Hieroglyphics , build a pyramid or even on an Egyptian tomb adventure. Finally, I have found a Horrible Histories Cleopatra song for those of you who love a sing- song!

 On Thursday night, I went outside to look for my cat Simba as he was late coming in. Eventually, I found him in the garage. He was scared and clearly injured. I took him inside and found that he was bleeding from his leg and his nails were all torn and broken. I was so worried as he was really poorly and weak and couldn’t walk. At first, the vets thought he had been hit by a car. However, after an x-ray and advice from a different vet they then said they thought it was a nasty cat fight! Poor Simba! He is recovering well and can walk again thank goodness, he has some painkillers and antibiotics which he has to have twice a day….. which are fun to give him (as you can imagine!) I have to take him back to the vets today for a check-up.

I hope you are all ok.

Missing you!

Mrs C x