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Breakfast & After School Club


Hollybush Out Of School Club runs Monday to Friday during term time (see calendar).


The Club's base is the mobile classroom situated on the KS2 playground. Children can play games, enjoy crafts, use computers and watch films. 

In good weather, children use the outdoor play equipment on the playgrounds along with the clubs' own outdoor games sets.


Bookings can be made via the Arbor app


Children can be booked in daily or on an adhoc basis and charges are as follows with a planned increase due in September 2024 as shown:



£4  8am - 8.45am

From September 2024:

£4.50  8am - 8.45am



(Nursery children must be toilet trained to attend) 

 £5.00 until 4pm

£8.50 until 5pm

£11.00 until 6pm


From September 2024:

 £6.00 until 4pm

£9.50 until 5pm

£13.00 until 6pm


Late charges - Late pick ups after 6pm will incur a charge of £6 for every 15 mins or thereof.


From September 2024:

Late Charges - £10 if collection is between 6pm to 6.10pm regardless of how many minutes you are late. 

The charge will then increase by £1 for every minute thereafter


Payment must be made when booking, unless you wish to pay with either tax free childcare or childcare vouchers. 

Please contact the office if you wish to pay this way.


Please ensure that all debts are settled before the end of each half term.

The school reserves the right to stop further bookings for the following half term if payments are not made.




Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open for children in Nursery to Year 6 from 8.00 am every day. 

NOTE: Breakfast is only served between 8:00 and 8:15am

Breakfast food consists of: cereals, toast, milk or squash and is under the supervision of adults. 

Morning activities are aimed at encouraging a calm start to the day and will include: reading, drawing, board games and construction kits.

All Children are then escorted to their classrooms by the staff at 8.45am for a smooth transition into class.



The cut off for booking breakfast club is 2pm the day before.


After School Club

After School Club is open for children in Nursery to Year 6 until 6.00 pm every day.


A typical After School session consists of:


                                                               3:00 Children are taken to the ASC unit by their teachers

                                                               3:20 A small snack and drink is served
                                                               3:40 Activity time including outside play when weather permits
                                                               5.00 A Light Tea is served for children who are booked in until 6.00 pm.
                                                               6:00 Club finishes


The Light Tea consists of a variety of filling and healthy snacks, hot and cold, for instance:  wraps, sandwich thins & bagels  (with a variety of fillings); beans on toast, soup, hot dogs, pasta & crumpets - all accompanied by fruit and vegetables.

Children are included in preparing the tea, setting out the tables and clearing away.



ASC staff can be contacted on: or on: 01992 581454 and selecting the appropriate option.


PLEASE NOTE:  A booking MUST be made prior to arrival at the club.

If you do not make a booking prior to arriving at the club we may have to turn children away.

This is due to fire safety and adult to child ratio restrictions. 

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