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Breakfast & After School Club



Hollybush Out Of School Club runs Monday to Friday during term time and it is also open on some Inset Days ( see calendar).


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open for children in Nursery to Year 6 from 8.00 am every day.  Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 8:20 a.m. consisting of: cereals, toast, milk or squash and is under the supervision of adults. 

Morning activities are aimed at encouraging a calm start to the day and will include: reading, drawing, board games and construction kits.

At 8:45 Key Stage 2 children (Y3-6) have the choice to go to the playground to meet their friends or they can choose to stay at the club until they go into their classrooms at 8.50 am.  Children in Foundation or Key Stage 1 are escorted to their classrooms by the staff at 8.55 am for a smooth transition into class.


After School Club

After School Club is open for children in Reception to Year 6 until 6.00 pm every day.

A typical After School session consists of:
                                                               3:05 FS/KS1 children are collected from their classrooms/ bought to dining hall

                                                               3:10 KS2 children come to the dining hall

                                                               3:15 All children taken over to the club base - the mobile classroom on the KS2 playground
                                                                Children select games and activities before snack

                                                               3:20 A snack and drink is served
                                                               3:30 Activity time including outside play when weather permits
                                                               5.00 Tea is served (for children who are booked in until 6.00 pm).
                                                               6:00 Club finishes

The Club's main base is the newly refurbished mobile classroom situated on the KS2 playground. Children can play games, enjoy crafts, use computers and watch films in their new area and they also have access to the main hall where they can enjoy games. In good weather, children use the outdoor play equipment on the playgrounds along with the clubs' own outdoor games sets.


Tea consists of a variety of filling and healthy snacks, hot and cold, for instance:  wraps, sandwich thins & bagels ( with a variety of fillings); beans on toast, soup, hot dogs, pitta pizzas & crumpets - all accompanied by fruit and vegetables. Children are included in preparing the tea, setting out the tables and clearing away.


Registration and booking forms are available from the sorter in the Reception lobby, the school office or online by logging in to the 'School Gateway' site. ASC staff can be contacted on: or on: 07707303025.

Children can be booked in daily or on an adhoc basis and charges are:


Breakfast club- £3.25                        Sibling rate - £2.50

ASC -                £4.00 until 4pm         Sibling rate - £3.00

                       £7.00 until 5pm         Sibling rate - £5.25

                       £9.00 until 6pm         Sibling rate - £6.75

Late charges - Late pick ups after 6pm will incur a charge of £6 for every 15 mins or thereof.


Payment should be made when booking and can be by cheque (payable to Hollybush School), cash or via the on-line payment system.