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Welcome to Reception

Bob the Blob makes a dramatic entry!

Bob the Blob makes a dramatic entry!   1
Welcome to the Summer Term!
Take a look at our curriculum letter below to see what fun is planned this term.  Our Maths 'Stay and Play' kick starts a host of events that will take place throughout the term.  Keep an eye open for updates and photos of what your children are up to.  

Reception's Spring Term Curriculum letter

P.E and dance
Take a look at the dance and gymnastics we have been doing under the P.E. page.  Go back to children's classes and then click onto the link that says P.E.  We've been having lots of fun!

Welcome to our new Reception class!

The children are settling beautifully into their new class and are enjoying new friends as well as old.  We have lots of fun planned this term, and have decided to follow the children's interests and ideas for topic, saving dragons for Chinese New Year  and St. George's Day next term.  We are looking forward to playing with leaves as Autumn sets in and will enjoy a wide range of creative activities which embrace the season change. 


Our school value is excited and we have introduced our puppet 'Excited Eliza' to the children and we are already finding lots of reasons as to why we are excited in Reception:, for example children are loving the mud kitchen, we have had some fabulous creations in our junk area.  Children were even excited when others have found success in tasks they were undertaking, bringing their joy to our attention too.  


Please do have a look at our News and curriculum letter for other events and plans for this term and of course photos of what your children have been up to in school.  


Happy Autumn Term, we're excited to be back!


Learning together!

Over the past week both Foundation classes have held their own respective 'Stay and Play' sessions, this time with a maths theme.  Children learn more effectively when their learning is supported at home, so the sessions aimed to give an idea of the targets children need to reach at each stage of the Foundation curriculum.  However we also wanted to provide ideas on how parents can help their children consolidate their understanding of number, shape, space and measure through language and games using resources which are easily accessible at home. The feedback was incredibly positive.  For us as practitioners, seeing the delight and enjoyment shared as adults and children learned together through play, was an absolute joy which we hope will continue at home.  Take a look at some of the photos from each session:

World Book Day

Foundation Stage has been celebrating our love of books today alongside the rest of the school, in acknowledgement of 'World Book Day'.  Children dressed up as their favourite literary character and Foundation staff dressed up as the characters from the traditional tale, 'The Enormous Turnip' which was then performed much to the delight of children and staff alike!

Have a look at some of the fun we have had today.

Welcome back to the Spring Term. 

We love the diverse learning opportunities the weather brings us during this time of year.  As ever we will adapt our curriculum to enable the children to embrace whatever inspires them in the moment.   So we're hoping to be able to explore the ice as Winter takes hold and maybe even a rainbow to take us to far off lands as Spring breaks through.

Please take a look at our News and curriculum letters below and remember our door is always open should you have any questions or concerns.

Happy New Year!

Foundation 2 and Year 5 have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot together.  We shook the lulav branches and imagined what it might feel like to wonder around the desert for 40 years!  We then wove branches, leaves and fruit, including grapes grown in Harlow, to make a Sukka. Take a look at how much fun we had.

A very warm welcome to Autumn term in Foundation Stage!

The term is still young and yet Foundation 1 is now up and running with their new 30 hours and it’s lovely to see how well even the youngest members of our school are doing.  Foundation 2 children have already risen to the challenge of being the oldest in our unit and we are seeing a marked maturity in how they are playing and interacting.


This term is our time as practitioners to discover the individual abilities and interests of all our children to enable us to plan their unique learning journeys.  Welcome to our gallery where you will see how our little stars are shining so far.