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Monday 15th June2020

Monday 15th June 2020

Hi Year 3,

Happy Monday!

This is our 10th week of home learning; I can’t explain how proud I am of all of you for all you are doing. Thank you to all of you for sending us your work, it is so great to see that you are still working hard. This week we have lots of new activities for you to do, but don’t forget to check back at some of the older grids and catch up on some of the things you have missed.

I hope you had a nice weekend in the sun; personally, I am very happy that the sunshine is back, it really just makes everything a little bit better.

How are your tomato plants? My mum gave me some too, but I haven’t got any tomatoes yet…I wonder when they will appear, I bet Mrs B will know! Don’t forget to water them!

We will be making phone calls home again the week beginning 22nd June, we look forward to speaking to you again on the phone.

Take care and stay safe xx