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Each Wednesday I will upload a list of 10 Year 1 common exception words for you to have a look at. I will also upload 10 Year 2 common exception words for those that are working on them. You have the week to practise spelling your list by writing them before I upload a spelling quiz the following Wednesday for you to see how you've done.


Remember that common exception words are words that you cannot sound out. 'You can't Fred a red'


Here is a great way to help you learn spellings.

I will say the spelling word, followed by the word in a sentence, and then the spelling word again - you only need to write the word. If you need more time in between each spelling, pause it and then press play when you are ready for the next word. Let me know how you get on. Good luck! 

Spellings 20/05

Wednesday 13th May - for a spelling quiz on Wednesday 20th May


The spellings for this week are the same for everyone - days of the week.


Year 1 and Year 2 spellings


Year 1 Spellings 13/05

Year 2 Spellings 13/05

Wednesday 6th May - for a spelling quiz on Wednesday 13th May


Year 1 words Year 2 words
today any
his  beautiful 
me busy
no eye
my hour
here most
come old
friend should
push told
our water


Year 1 Spellings 06/05

Year 2 Spellings 06/05

Wednesday 29th April - for a spelling quiz on Wednesday 6th May


Year 1 words Year 2 words
to after
were because
is could
he even
my father
there great
love kind
one many
put parents
house plant


Year 1 Spellings 29/04

Year 2 Spellings 29/04

Wednesday 22nd April - for a spelling quiz on Wednesday 29th April

Year 1 Words Year 2 words
the again
do child
said door
are every
was grass
has half
you money
they people
be pretty
go who