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Diary Writing

In this unit we will be learning how to write recounts in the form of diary entries. We will be using the text 'Stone Age Boy' to support our reading and writing throughout the first term and also inform our historical knowledge. Skills covered will include: 

  • To include an introduction that covers who, what, where and when
  • To write using an informal style, in the first person using past tense
  • To write events in chronological order
  • To include a range of time conjunctions and adverbials
  • To use inverted commas / speech marks to include dialogue
  • To use a range of emotive language
  • To use paragraphs to organise writing
  • To include a conclusion which summarises your diary


In this unit we will be learning how to write instructions based on the humorous book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. In this unite the children will learn:

  • To use a title that explains what the text is about, may begin “How to…”
  • To know how to use sub -headings to break the text into clear sections
  • To know how to include an opening sentence which encourages the reader to have a go
  • To know to include a clear list of equipment
  • To know to use clear simple steps
  • To know how to use imperative verbs
  • To know to write in chronological order
  • To know how to use technical vocabulary
  • To add a diagram to aid the reader
  • To include tips or suggests to aid the reader