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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hi Year 3!

I have been absolutely blown away by all your hard work and its only Wednesday! Check it all out in the gallery. I had my first day of home learning with my own children yesterday and let me just tell you this….they are definitely not as good at listening as you are!

I know you are all making your parents so proud, we have had some lovely messages from your parents saying how hard you are working and how pleased they are with your commitment to your learning.

Some of you have been doing some extra challenges which is great, it’s absolutely fine to do that so don’t you worry. If there is something you really want to learn about, email us and we can set it as a task next week.

Did you listen to The World’s Worst Children being read by David Walliams? It’s on at 11am every day, the link is below.

Check out the Year 4 and 5 page as Mr C and Mr M have been reading Fly me Home. Sorry Mrs B and I haven’t done any videoing of us reading YET, but watch this space. I am desperate to read you The Boy at the Back of the Class. I’m reading it with Joey at the moment and I’ve laughed and I’ve even cried, it’s so good!

The weather has been so lovely hasn’t it, I hope you have been out (if you’re able to.) I had a little walk outside yesterday, it felt so good to have some sunshine on my face. If you can’t get outside why not take one of these virtual tours

 you could visit a zoo, The Great Wall of China or even MARS! Let me know where you go today.


Have you been looking at your key words? Next week on Monday I’m going to do 2 tests, a Year1 and 2 word test and a Year 3 and 4 word test. So you will be able to choose which one you do (you know which one you should be doing! So no tricking your parents) then you can see which ones you need to practise. I’ll pick 10 random words from each list.

Keep emailing us, hearing from you really makes our day. We really miss you so much.

Keep checking out Hetty’s blog, oh and Mrs B wanted me to remind you, it’s Wednesday and you know what that means…. TIMES TABLES TEST IS TOMORROW! You can find the test in the times table section on our page- it’s all ready for you J

Have a wonderful day, we will see you all as soon as we possibly can! Be good!