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Friday 20th June 2020

Friday 19th June 2020

Hi all, goodness me it certainly has been raining a lot, it's definitely made up for not raining over the past few weeks. I hope you have checked your plants as the weight of the rain drops may snap the branches - make sure the main branch is attached to a stick. I was worried that Mrs Quacknell might get soaked up in her little nest but like my husband reminded me - she's a duck, they love being wet :)

On Wednesday when I was in work with the key worker children, we were writing a rap about social distancing, it was on Mr Chandler's learning grid but we all joined in (key stage 2 children). You should try writing one, we laughed so much trying to find words that rhymed and say it in the style it deserves. Davis Best made us laugh endlessly - I don't think he's going to be a rapper when he grows up!! What a great learning session that was!

I hope you have attempted to make a Father's Day card as it is this Sunday. Remember things are much more meaningful if they are made by you and the words are chosen by you. Some of your Dad's have been great teachers over the past few months so they deserve a treat on Sunday. We are hopefully having a BBQ if it doesn't rain!! We will make it a special day whatever!!

Have a lovely weekend, I can't wait to hear about what you got up to,

Mrs B x