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Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March

Good morning my hard working children, I can't believe it, I missed Joe Wicks this morning as I got up late - terrible!!! It's sometimes hard to do work when you don't feel like it but don't worry as sometimes you may want to do work when you're not expected to! How was your weekend, gosh it was sooo cold yesterday wasn't it! We were walking Hetty in the field and it actually started to snow, I was glad to get home and light the real fire and get all snuggly!

I went to see my elderly Aunty again on Saturday to check that she was ok, and to do a little more gardening whilst Hetty got to go indoors and get spoilt again!!!

Normally we would break up for Easter this week so on Friday you will be on holiday for two weeks, I wonder how creative you can be with your time, maybe go on a virtual trip. Let's see if we can have a collection of 'funny photos' to add to our wonderful gallery when you return to home learning. We could even have a decorate an egg competition, if you are lucky enough to have eggs in the house!

Work hard, stay happy and don't annoy your teachers :)

Oh by the way, what are your home school dinners like - I hope you're not having chocolate at playtime!!!!!

Mrs B x