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Make your own geodes

Make your own geodes 1

Children's Advertising - For or Against

Dolphins in Captivity - For or Against

Action Calendar: Meaningful May 2020

VE Day Competition

This maths activity looks great fun and you might even earn some money doing it!


Royal Mint maths activity

How to decorate an egg

How to decorate an egg 1
Draw with Rob - Rob is a bestselling and multi award-winning author/illustrator. He is also the official World Book Day Illustrator for 2019 and 2020.  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am he will post a drawing activity.  There are already videos on his website - looks good!
Puffin Schools - a whole host of activities that you may find helpful - worth a look!

The 30 Day Lego Challenge

Here are a number of other activities you might want to have a go at:


How To Make A Work Farm (Penguin)

How To Draw Hetty Feather (Penguin)


Make a tornado - craft instructions