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Tuesday 31st March

Tuesday 31st March

Dear Year 3,

I know some of you were asking us to share stories with you; I have sent the link to your parents on Marvellous Me, I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday, after doing some home learning with my own children then I made a chicken and bacon pie for dinner. It was actually really nice to do some cooking; I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing it… and eating it! I have seen some of you making some dinner or cakes, if you haven’t already, ask your parents of you can help them today.

 In my house, we have been enjoying a game of Monopoly Deal, it’s the card game version of Monopoly and I really recommend it if you can buy it online anywhere (oh and it’s over much quicker than the original.) If not, play a game of cards, ask your parents to teach you how to play their favourite game.

I have uploaded some new Hetty videos for you, I hope school opens soon so Hetty can have a rest, I bet Hetty hopes Mrs Botterman goes back to work soon too!

How’s all that daily exercise going? I’ve heard it’s just the Mums and Dads left at it now-come on guys!

It’s my cat Simba’s birthday today, can you believe I have had him for 5 months already. I think he is wondering why we are home so much, I think he is missing his 9 hour uninterrupted naps, I bet he can’t wait for some peace and quiet too!

Send us some updates today, we love hearing from you.

Have a great day. Be amazing!