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The Adventures of Mickey Monkey, Bertie Bear and Polly Panda

Polly Panda

Polly Panda made some shortbread. What shape is it?
It was sunny and windy today so Polly Panda made a kite. Can you make one? 
Polly Panda saw a beautiful butterfly today. Can you spot it?
What has Polly Panda painted?
Polly Panda played a bowling game in the garden. What numbers did she knock over?
What number has Polly Panda made? Can you count the number of stones and shells she used? 
Can you guess the name of the fruit? When it is ripe it’s colour will change to red. This fruit begins with the letter ‘s’.
Did you guess the fruit in last week’s photo to be a strawberry? Look how the colour has changed. The red strawberries are now ripe and ready for picking. 
Can you count the cones on this beautiful tree? Polly Panda thinks it is cedar tree. See if you can find out the names of any trees when you go on a walk. 

Bertie Bear

Bertie Bear had lots of fun today making collections of 4. Here are the things he found around the house. 
It was sunny and windy today so Bertie Bear made a kite. Can you make one? 
What colours did Bertie Bear use to paint this cuddly cat?
Bertie Bear made a puzzle from a painting. He put the pieces in the wrong order, can you guess the animal? 
Bertie Bear made an elephant from a used milk carton. What colours can you see? 
Bertie Bear planted some cress seeds today. Can you see them? 
Look how the cress has grown. Bertie Bear is looking forward to an egg and cress sandwich! 
Do you know the name of this fruit? You can often see it growing in the countryside and when it is ripe it changes colour. This fruit begins with the letter ‘b’. 
Bertie Bear went for a walk this morning. Do you recognise the building in the background. 
Bertie bear is looking at a tiny baby duck with it’s mum on the river. Did you know a baby duck is called a duckling? 

Mickey Monkey

Mickey Monkey helped make a dice from an old box today. How many oranges can you see? 
It was sunny and windy today so Mickey Monkey made a kite. Can you make one? 
Mickey Monkey collected some pens today. How many pens can you count? What colours are they? 
There are lots of things to count at Mickey Monkey’s picnic. Can you see how many sandwiches there are? 
What musical instrument has Mickey Monkey made from an old gravy container? It begins with a ‘d’. 
Can you help Mickey Monkey put the numbers in the right order? 
Can you guess the name of the fruit? This fruit grows on trees and begins with the letter ‘a’.
Where can you find a lion in Hertford? 
What do you think Mickey monkey is looking at?