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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello everybody and welcome back after the Easter break from home learning. What have you all been up to? We are really proud of how you are all helping each other to stay safe and help the wonderful NHS who are doing their absolute best to save lives.

Mrs Cracknell and I are going to try and have a little conversation with you on the phone this week as we really do miss you and we know that you are missing us :) We will call from the school phone number, or we may call from our homes, if we call from home, it may say ‘no number.' If there is anything you need to ask us, or want to tell us then this will be your opportunity. Also if you are getting short of anything you need to help your home schooling, again let us know and we will try our best to help solve the problem.

I have had a very exciting couple of weeks. In my garden, we have a very tall planter; in fact, it is about three metres off the ground and has a plant pot in the top of it! My husband and I decided to clear out the old plants so that it would be ready for this year's new ones and to our surprise I found three eggs in there - duck eggs!! I had seen a couple of ducks in the garden which Hetty had been attempting to chase but I never thought they were actually living in our garden!! Straight away we left the nest alone then a week later we checked to see if the eggs had been abandoned and there were four more, so clearly not!! We have seen the female duck fly up to the nest a few times now and the last time we looked about four days ago, there were eight eggs!! I have emailed the RSPB who know all about birds as I'd like to know if there's anything I should be doing, questions such as if they hatch how on earth will they get down!!!!  Anyway I think we need another blog in addition to Hetty's blog. The problem is the duck, shall we say 'our class duck' needs a name and that is where you come in! I want you to suggest a name for her and I will ask Hetty to pull the chosen name out of a 'dog bowl', I will give you until Friday to come up with some 'quacking' names!! Don't worry if the one you suggest doesn't get chosen as it looks like there may be quite a few ducklings we could name later on!!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mrs B