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A Letter from the RSPB
Dear Donna,
Thank you for contacting the RSPB.
How exciting to have a duck nest in your garden! It is lovely that you can keep your class updated - I'm sure that it's very interesting for them.
Duck eggs usually take around 28 days to hatch. The ducklings then stay in the nest for at least 10 hours, and then the female will lead them to water (usually in the early morning).
The ducklings will usually be fine to jump down from the nest, however it can help to put something soft (such as a blanket) beneath the nest to cushion their fall.
The mother duck will know where the nearest water is to take her young to, even if this is a couple of miles away. In most instances it is best to leave her alone, because interference can cause extra stress and risk the mother panicking and abandoning her brood. The only reason you would need to interfere with this is if it seems like the mother duck does not have a clear path to leave your garden.
If this is the case, then you may need to help move the family. For instructions and guidance on how to do this, please visit our website: The 'Top tips' section gives information on how best to help the duck family.
I do hope this helps. Best wishes from all of us here at the RSPB.
Kind Regards,
Anastasia McKeating
Supporter Adviser

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